Monday, July 21, 2008

Nikon D60 and Digital Rebel XSi move on up! (new Top Sellers)

We have a brand new edition of the Amazon Top Sellers Chart, with lots of movement and excitement. If you want to avoid any spoilers, jump right now, and then come back to read the ramblings here! The teaser screen-shot below will take you to the new top sellers.


Nothing like a good price cut to get the buyers buying. And both the Nikon D60 and the Canon D-Rebel XSi 450D have crossed the psychological barriers of $600 and $800 respectively. These of course including the 18-55 stabilized kit lenses!

Meanwhile, for the moment at least, the Canon 40D holds steady at $900, but it's a bit too early to tell what's going to happen now that the Canon Instant Rebates are over. Will they get renewed? Will there be new ones? Will the prices jump up? B&H Photo has already jumped to the older higher prices for the EOS 40D and 5D.

Beyond Canon and Nikon, we find the Pentax K200D kit leading the way once again, inside the Top 50 and trying to build up momentum... The next one is barely in the top 100, it is the Olympus E510 2-lens kit, followed by the Sony A200K (with the 18-70 DT lens) just barely in at #97.

Digital Camera Talk

Combine a price cut with in-stock availability from Amazon itself (July 28 shipments), and the Canon G9 is flying again at $430. But of course that won't quiet the loud whispers of a Canon G10 or a super-G using perhaps Canon's homegrown sensors. But more on all that later today, when we will start our week-long Photokina 2008 Speculation and Predictions spectacular!

In the HyperZoom Wars, the Panasonic FZ18 came very close to the top ten, but Vanns of Montana who was "carrying it" at $289 ran out of stock, and that killed its momentum. But still in the top 25, it leads the other hyperzooms in this edition. But it looks like we may have a new top hyperzoom when we post the next update on Thursday... Because the Nikon P80 is having a power play, now entering the Top 30, and with a price of $334 and a free 2gb memory card, it's "persuading" new buyers... A price adjustment has the Sony H50 fly over the Olympus SP-570uz for the #3 spot, while the SP-570uz drops to $399. Both are towards the bottom of the top 50.

Don't look now, but there's a Coolpix in the Top 25! Oh my! Thank you Ashton Kutcher for the promos, but once again, it was a price drop that pushed it into the top 25. Infact, the black finish S600 is a nice deal for $222 with a free 2gb SD card. This is of course yet another 10mp 1/2.33" ultracompact, and it starts at 28mm wide which makes it more appealing.

The attack of the Elph-Borgs! Ouch for diversity! Four different colors of the Canon SD1100-IS are in the Top 25 this time, as the pink and brown have joined the blue and silver. On the plus side, there are so many of them, they may not be able to grab the #1 spot individually :)

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