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Nikon D700 Daily Round-up

Since there is a lot of interest in the Nikon D700, we decided to start a daily round-up of D700 action from around the net. If you have just received a D700 and are posting pictures or impressions on the net, please let us know and we'll add your posts! [permalink]

Tuesday August 12
Another D700 unboxing ceremony, this time it is a family event! This photographer was one of the lucky few that got their D700 from B&H Photo before they ran out.

It's a wolf in sheep's clothing says says Elite Gadgets.

Monday August 11
A new unboxing and preview of the D700 at the blog. Also a picture of the SB-900 flash mounted on it.

Photographer Rob Nunn points out why the D700 is important and promptly adds it to his wish list. Bill Gates are you reading?

The "Moose" talks D3 vs D700. Which one should you pick? Note that this is a short article, it is not a review or sample picture comparison. But it comes from Moose Peterson, a very respected "real outdoor world" photographer. If you like his style and advice, be sure to check his other gear talk posts.

A sunflower close-up has one flickr user raving about the D700. If you are allergic to sunflowers, don't look at the picture, it's so life-like your allergies may act up by the visual stimulus :)

Sunday August 10
We have another camera-review-site review of the D700, this time by Camera Labs. As always, no revelations here, their conclusions are in the sub-tab titled "Verdict".

But what about the lenses to match the D700? We've already seen what Ken Rockwell has to say. How about others? Gray Scale Gorilla (nice name!) picks two lenses out of the many Nikon-mount lenses. Spoiler alert: It's one prime and one zoom. Can you guess them before reading the post?

A photographer at is planning a week of D700 shooting and sharing.

Saturday August 9
TWIP Photo compares and contrasts the D700 feature set with the D3 feature set. And be sure to check their four-paragraph conclusion of the spec comparison. No spoilers here! You may also be interested in their recent D3 first look post, where one of the TWIPpers shares his hands-on experience with the D3.

Shoe fetish and the D700? What??? Not what you think!

An ethusiastic photographer is trying to decide on his next DSLR purchase, 5D or D700?

Looking for one more place to discuss the D700? How about the D700 flickr group?

Chicken or the Egg? Is the D700 a D3-Lite, or is the D3 a D700-Plus?

Friday August 8
We now have another major review site posting their D700 review! Without further ado, here is the Trusted Reviews review of the Nikon D700. As always, no spoilers here during the first few fragile hours of a new review publication. But if you can't wait, jump to page #4 of the review, and check under the "Verdict" heading. Bed of roses or crown of thorns?

If you missed it, has a D700 test. Click on pages 1 through 5 for the review content! The review is written in Polish, but you don't need a translator for the sample pictures and graphs :-)

For those who have bookmarked Dr. Georg Nyman's website, the domain seems to have changed hands, so be sure to update your bookmarks! The review links have been updated in the post discussing the Nyman D700 review.

Thursday August 7
We have another Nikon D700 review! This time the Paris Hilton of DSLRs got a review at Think Camera by Mike Lowe. As always, we won't be spoiling their findings, you have to check it out on your own! The review has been added to the DSLR Reference Map.

As of the last time we checked, the D700 body-only was in-stock at Circuit City for $3000 $2800, but you do have to pay sales tax if applicable.

Coverage of the six new Coolpix models coming later today! Later today has arrived. Here is the new Coolpix executive summary.

Wednesday August 6
Everyone wants to know how the D700 does in low light! So be sure to check out the latest D700 in low light at Arnie's blog! And if you haven't seen it yet, be sure to check his earlier field test at the Oshkosh air show in Wisconsin.

Canon fans don't read this one! Blogger Amit Bhawani calls Nikon DSLRs the best of all in this write-up about the D700.

The ISO 50 blog has an on-going discussion on the D700 with four DSLR body pictures.

Tuesday August 5
Hot from Japan, the latest Nikon financial results from Reuters. The D700 is mentioned.

Field guide author J. Dennis Thomas shares some of his thoughts and sample pictures taken with his newly delivered Nikon D700. points where the buttons are, rendering a potential dpreview review of the D700 totally unnecessary ;-)

Nikon dpreview forum users are receiving their highly anticipated D700s. Here are some sample pictures. And some more samples. And a text-based first impressions write-up by a D200 user.

Monday August 4
B&H Photo posts their hands-on impressions with the Nikon D700 in their latest newsletter. What did the author think of the D700 hype and hoopla? We won't reveal it here :)

The DIVA Labs have something really nice for the pixel-peepers! Really nice! Nikon D700 + 24-120mm tests! Enjoy the data and the graphs! As always, we won't comment so as not to introduce bias into the fragile first few hours of the release of new reviews and new data. Please note that you can compare the test data between the D700 and other DSLRs DIWA has tested. I'm sure a lot of you will be interested in D700 vs 5D Mark I, and D700 vs D300, and of course D700 vs D3.

The DIWA Labs test has been added to the D700 reviews page at the minimalist DSLR Reference Map blog.

Supply issues for the D700 body-only continue. From what we can tell, Abe's of Maine, Ritz and a couple of 3rd party sellers at Amazon may have it in-stock.

Ian's Chronicles talks Nikon D700 sensor, DX vs FX, and things like that!

A dpreview forum user receives the D700 and shares the findings in the forums and opens it up for discussion.

And here is the pink view of the D700 :)

Sunday August 3
FujiRock rockers rock the world with the D700 in Japan! Look at the all the Nikon Gear! For coverage of the event in english, be sure to check their english page. Look for the "prime shots" galleries!

Come on feel the noise! Via the Imaging Insider, Camera Labs previews their upcoming D700 review with a D700 vs 5DMkI vs D300 full-range noise test. Who wins the battle and who wins the war? The answer may be different depending your predisposition! It's a classic Canon vs Nikon noisefest!

Nikon D700 goes underwater! One of the users at Wet Pixel has put the D700 in the Nexus D200 housing and went underwater and took some pictures. More details and pictures at WetPixel!

You know you want to see this! Neutral Day recaps the Nikon D700 vs Canon 5D Mark I battle!

Another unboxing ceremony! Engadget has the video details.

Can you hear me now? Nikon Malaysia evangelist listens to the D700!

An on-going D700 review at

A Nikon D300 vs D700 text-only comparison in this Ezine Article.

Elizabeth hearts Zhiqin's Nikon D700! Everybody loves D700, next, on CBS!

Saturday August 2
We have a Nikon D700 field test by Arnie! He took his camera to the Oshkosh Air Show in Wisconsin and gave it a good workout! Lots of sample pictures, with the 24-120 and 80-400 lenses. Arnie is providing full-size JPEGs for those who want to download them. But that's not the end. Arnie promises that a lot more is coming up!

Astrid and Rene Photography have a new D700, and they have just posted one sample portrait picture taken. At ISO 1600 for those who like to examine high-ISO samples.

OneCall at Amazon has a special on the Nikon D700 with the 24-120mm lens for $3518, down from the usual $3600 price. The lens on its own goes for about $510, so you essentially "break even" - assuming of course you want the lens.

Friday August 1
New unboxing and new sample pictures via the Alexkbs blog. You can also check the photo albums of the unboxing of the D700, as well as sample images taken with the camera! The sample picture included a nice variety of subjects, including one low-light, colorful flowers, cityscape, and more. The pictures are available as full-size JPEG downloads if you click on them.

More D700 pictures, this time at Ed'Sperience, with full-size D700 NEF files available for download for those interested in cross-examining and evaluating in detail. The shots were with the 70-200 VR, no tripod, and low ISO. Outdoorsy pictures.

Little Mick, his girl and his cat has gotten a brand new Nikon D700! Take a look at his first test shots.

Thursday July 31
Imaging Insider points us to a German camera review site review of the Nikon D700. Practice your German, or grab your favorite computer translation service!

Wedding photographer Sandeep is getting his Nikon D700 today! He has the UPS tracking slip to prove it! Stay tuned for more updates as he receives his camera. Sandeep specializes in Indian wedding photography, so if you are a fan of wedding photography, check out his blog. Update! He just received it! Be sure to check the ceremonial unboxing of the Nikon D700.

A Pentaxian turning to the D700? Could it be? Tired of waiting for a K-mount full frame? Or was that just a siren's call? Check the forum thread to find out!

If you have a Canon 5D and are not afraid to match it up against the new Nikon D700, is looking for volunteers! Yes, Canon vs Nikon!

Wednesday July 30
Photographer-blogger Mike Fullerton has a new post on the D700, he shares his thoughts on upgrading from the D300 to the D700. As you may recall, he also posted high ISO picutres from the D700 a couple of days ago. And if you are a dog fan, be sure to visit his blog!

The new Bibble 4.10.1 will support the Nye-con Dee-700 says Photography Blog

Tuesday July 29
A forum user at NelsonFoto played with the D700 and thinks Nikon F4. verifies that on their computer, both the brand new LR2 and ACR 4.5 work with the Nikon D700 files.

NeutralDay makes a statement on the D700 vs D300 full-frame vs DX debate!

Monday July 28
[MUST READ!] Photographer Thomas Pitera has posted his detailed first impressions on the Nikon D700. This post is like a mini review, it's a lot more than a few paragraphs. Real world sample pictures included but not full-size. And a coincidence: the guy in the last picture, in the hobby shop with the RC helicopter is wearing Nikon colors :) His review impressed us enough to add it to the on-going list of D700 reviews at DSLR Map, a spartan review reference blog.

Three black and white sample pictures taken by the D700 and 24-120mm VR lens from British Columbia at Radiant Vista. The pictures are not full size, but they are artistic samples.

If you eat this sample picture by photographer Shelton Muller, you'll need to spend a few weeks on the treadmill! Taken at ISO 3200, with a Nikon D700 borrowed at a Nikon event in Australia.

Digital Media Phile has just picked up her D700, and is starting to share pictures, butterfly first.

Arnie just received his gun, his Nikon D700 gun that is! His first first impressions have been posted.

Imaging Resource has an update of the Nikon codec update that adds support for the D700. Details and a link to the download in the aforementioned IR link.

This will be updated constantly throughout the week.

If you are looking to buy a D700, be sure to check our Nikon D700 order center.


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Nikon D700 unboxing:

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That is a very good point. I made a similar comment a couple of days ago at Twitter.

The combination of the D700 release, the six new Coolpix models and the new NRW RAW "scandal" of the P6000 manage to keep Nikon in the headlines.

Other companies are expected to announce new stuff in the next few days, so they will get their share of publicity.

I'll create an "anything but Nikon" post if there are no new non-Nikon announcements in the next couple of days :-)