Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Nikon D700 DSLR is officially announced!

Our Nikon marathon had a successful conclusion, the official announcement of the Nikon D700 around the world! No longer a rumor or a leak! We start with the hands-on previews! For future reference, be sure to bookmark this post via the permalink.

Nikon D700 previews and comparisons
Simon and Lars combined for a duet 13-page Nikon D700 preview at dpreview. Be sure to check page one of the preview where the D700 is compared with the D3, and the cameras are shown side-by-side. That can give you a good indicator of comparative size!

[New!] A very interesting write-up by Luminous Landscape on what prompted the revival of Nikon, along with feature-comparisons of the D700 with the D3 and 5D Mark II, along with their thoughts on D700's place in the camera world. A must read!

Nikon super-guru Thom Hogan has an excellent write-up on the D700, which includes forward-looking speculation at the D3X, Photokina 2008 and even mentions of a D400 or D600. And be sure to jump to the bottom of that page for a few "Coolpix bumper sticker" candidates :)

Rob Galbraith has detailed analysis of the specifications, and be sure to scroll down at the section "Choosing between the D3 and D700" where writes what the title suggests :)

Photographer-blogger Ryan Brenizer recaps the new D700 and also gives us a heads-up, he will be getting a D700 and an SB-900 flash and he will be posting reviews of each! So add him to the list of places to look for upcoming D700 reviews!

Also adding his opinion on the new release is the Online Photographer, and their readers.

Nikon D700 pre-orders heating up
We started a separate post to track Nikon D700 pre-orders. So far we have noticed three major online retailers having it available for pre-orders, including Amazon.

Nikon D700 mania
Since the D700 is such a high-impact camera in the DSLR market, we have created a special category to track all the posts in this blog that cover the D700, the d700 mania category, aka tag or label.

Nikon D700 coverage at photography sites
The Nikon USA press release, along with official product shots at the Imaging Insider.

Straight from the horse's mouth, the Nikon USA D700 page, which includes a 10mb PDF brochure on the right hand side of the screen.

Nikon Watch follows the Nikon pages around the world and summarizes the new official releases.

TWIP and TWIP readers discuss the new D300 and how it may impact the market and the photographer's gadget bags :)

Lots more on the D700 at NikonRumors.com which did an excellent job in chasing every single rumor out there!

Nikon specialist website "The Nikonians" has coverage of the new Nikon gear at their blog.

Imaging Resource covers the announcement and includes their easy to read traditional spec sheet for the D700.

Bob Atkins summarizes and opines on the D700 as well.

More on the D700 at DigitalCameraReview.com.

This is only a sampling of the hundreds of websites, forums and blogs covering the D700. It would take forever to try to feature them all!

Nikon D700 coverage at high tech sites
The "D700 packs a punch" says Larry King PC World... Engadget lines up the new power trio of D300/D700/D3 and takes front and back pictures.

Akihabara News has lots of body pictures, but don't look at them if you think you can't resist the siren's call :)

Cnet's Crave blog has a brief three-way comparison between the D700, D3 and D300, the new Nikon power-trio, which will become a power-quarter once a replacement for the Nikon D80 is announced.

CNet Asia has their own opinion on the new D700. What did they think? How about that kilo? And what about the on-board flash? Leonard Goh has the details.

Gizmodo has giant pictures of the camera and a scan of the D700 brochure. Check it out if you like giant pictures of the camera, not from the camera.

Gearlog has a recap of the new D700 features for those who don't want to read long diatribes and long posts like this one :)

Giant pictures of the camera including one showing a blinged out dog in the 3" LCD at Gizmodo. Someone call PETA :)

If you have written about the D700 and want it added to this post, just let us know!

First Canon-2-Nikon switch of the month?
Not necessarily directly related to the Nikon D700, but with perfect timing, one of the bloggers from TWIP Photo is switching to Nikon and selling his Canon gear.

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