Monday, July 7, 2008

Nikon D700 enters the Amazon Top 100 (new top sellers charts)

We have another episode of the top selling charts soap opera! Spoilers follow right below, so if you want to "discover" it on your own, be sure to check the new top sellers charts right now! Screen-shot teaser is right below, click on it for the new chart.

Camera Market Talk with Mariah Buoartarama

Our market expert Mariah Buoartarama - not to be confused with a stock market TV reporter with a similar name - talks about today's top sellers chart...

The Nikon D700 makes its Amazon Top 100 debut at #54, six days after its announcement, and five days after it became available for pre-ordering. This is on the strength of pre-orders of course, since it hasn't started shipping yet. This is quite impressive considering we have a $3000 body only DSLR competing with $100 digicams!

Nikon D300 vs Nikon D700: The two Nikon D300 kits remain stable in the top sellers chart, so in this instance, so we have yet to see the "doom and gloom" scenario for the D300 some full-frame advocates suggested in the forums.

The Canon SD1100-IS moves on up, with one color in the top five (blue) and one in the top ten (shiny silver). Oh no, it's the attack of the Canon Borgshots :)

We have a new #1, but it's the Canon Powershots playing musical chairs. Amazon users seem to make every shot a powershot :)

In the superzooms world, the Panasonic TZ-series has a trio of cameras in the Top 25, but they are not the only Lumix superzooms: The FZ18K hyperzoom is there as well, as it manages to maintain supply at reputable online dealers and keep its price under $300. Canon's power duo of the S5-IS and SX-100-IS are also in the Top 25, but they have been unable to reclaim the top superzoom "belt" from the TZ5 trio of "fun zooms".

Among hyperzooms, or super-superzooms if you like, as we mentioned in the previous paragraph, the Panasonic FZ18K leads the way, but the Olympus SP570uz is making waves, as it enters the Top 30 and has picked up momentum. A price close to $400 is certainly not hurting its chances as most people prefer to pay less than more. If you prefer to pay more than less, please consider donating to this blog :)

Samsung unleased the wrath of Kodak by lowering the price of the S860 to under $100, and Kodak promptly responded with having all their CX13 series sell for under $100. Camera-phones and webcams, they are coming after you with lower prices! ;-)

The Top non-Canon/Nikon DSLRs start with the Pentax K200D kit just outside the Top 50. Thanks to the Pentax GearUp rebate program, the K200D is now starting to look like it is going to be the bang for the buck DSLR for the 2008 Holiday shopping season. Two recent K200D reviews seem to point in that direction. But of course we don't know yet what is going to be available. Photokina is about 80 days away and there will be more revelations before then (at least we hope so)... The next DSLR is the Olympus E510 2-lens kit, which in typical Olympus Four Thirds era fashion, it is the best value for money among the three (or four now with the pancake) Olympus kits. And by that I mean the body only, the 14-42 kit, the two-lens kit, and the 25mm pancake kit. Hold the syrup... The E520 with the 14-42 kit lens follows up, as it shyly start shipping with limited availability.

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