Thursday, August 7, 2008

Nikon D700 Shipping Status (updated)

Major Tom here! We reserve this special treatment for cameras who generate the most buzz, and the Nikon D700 is clearly one of them. Most of the places have it as shipping, some have it in preorder status. Check the status next to each store's name in the table below.

Nikon D700 Ordering Center
Nikon D700 body onlyD700 + 24-120 DX VR lens
Adorama (in stock)

J&R World (in-stock)

Calumet Photo (in-stock)

Ritz Camera (ships in 24hrs)

Wolf Camera (ships in 24hrs)

OneCall (in-stock!)

Abes Of Maine (shipping with bonus 4gb CF Extreme III)

B&H Photo (out of stock)

Circuit City (back-order)

Cameta on eBay (shipping)

+Amazon itself (now shipping)
+Abt (shipping)
+Cameta (shipping)
+Calumet (shipping)
+Crutchfield (shipping)
+17th Street(shipping)
+OneCall (shipping)
+J&R World (shipping)
+RitzCamera (shipping)
Calumet Photo (shipping)

J&R World (shipping)

Tigerdirect (shipping)

Abes Of Maine (shipping, bonus 4gb CF Extreme III)

B&H Photo (out of stock)

Adorama (preorder - on allocation)

OneCall (out of stock)

Ritz Camera (ships when received)

Wolf Camera (ships when received)

Cameta on eBay (shipping)

CompUSA (shipping)

+Amazon itself (August 27)
+Cameta (shipping)
+Calumet (shipping)
+J&R World (shipping)
+OneCall (shipping)
+17th Street (shipping)
+Tigerdirect (shipping)
+Willoughby's (shipping)
+Others (shipping)

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