Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Nikon D700: Reactions to the announcement Part I

The Nikon D700 is bound to generate a lot of buzz, not sure if it will be the same as the sonic boom generated by the D3/D300 power duo, but we suspect this is only Part I of the "Reactions" post. Part I concentrates on the dpreview forums. Expect another one tomorrow or later in the week :)

Some recent Nikon D300 buyers are falling off the cyber-cliffs in the forums, as exhibited in this thread at dpreview.

Others are discussing the D700 preview just posted at dpreview just now just.

And speaking of dpreview, the decision is in, dpreview decided to add the D700 discussions to the D3/D2*/D1* forum, not the D300/D200/D100 forum, or give the D700 its own forum. Here is the current dpreview forum line-up. Remember to post responsibly and if you are in California, don't use a handset phone to discuss dpreview forum posts while driving ;-)

Reactions by fans of other brands
Canon users take issue with the built-in flash and juxtapose the absence of a built-in flash in their own 5D Mark I. Incidentally, 5D Mark II where are you?

And what do the Olympus users think? The discussion is spirited and fast-paced, which is a polite way of saying "drama" :)

Sony and Minolta Alpha users are waiting for their turn, not only the promised and hype "A900 flagship" but also an answer to the D700 and 5D Mark I/II, the rumored Alpha A800, which we rumored about last week.

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