Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Nikon D700 Review Diary at Luminous Landscape

LL-Cool-Landscapes have posted their review diary of the Nikon D700. Real world pictures taken in Ontario (Canada) are accompanying the review diary, but as the author notes, the pictures posted have more of an "artistic" nature than a "pixel peeping" nature. Thanks to the Insider for the heads-up!

As always, we won't be revealing the outcome of the review, so as not to introduce any bias to the initial readings of the review! SELL EVERYTHING AND BUY THE D700 NOW! Oops, the cat stepped on the keyboard while I was looking away, ignore the previous sentence ;-)

Apart from the D700 impressions, LL-Cool-L has a nice strategy session, where they talk buying strategy (eg which Nikon DSLR(s)) and also what could/should be coming up from Nikon but also Canon.

This is the second major D700 production review, the first one was by Dr Georg Nyman at To stay tuned with DSLR reviews presented in a very compact and concise manner, be sure to visit and bookmark the DSLR Reference Map. And a quick note for those who may visit and wonder, we moved the D700 ahead of the D2X/D2h and D1X/D1h in that list for two reasons: It is newer and it is 35mm full frame.

To catch up and keep up with our D700 coverage be sure to check the posts tagged with D700 mania. This includes a sample pictures round-up.

The D700 is available for pre-ordering from a number of reputable online dealers. You can also search for more via the Noisy Mall.

Update: Nikon launches D700 page
Nikon has just launched a Nikon D700 minisite, optimized for 1024x768 displays and using *gasp* Flash. But it is relatively moderate use of Flash, no dancing and singing D700 units ;-) They feature both the camera, and full page 1024x768 pictures taken with the D700, including some of Jim Reed's Extreme weather pictures we mentioned in our Nikon D700 Sample pictures round-up.

If you hate auto mode, be sure to check slide #5, where Nikon touts the "Scene Recognition System", and calls it a "new level of auto control accuracy". Cynics could point out that dumb is the new smart these days of idiocracy!

And a warning! Don't watch, you may not be able to resist the D700 after you see it!

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