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Nikon D700 Sample Pictures hit internet's high and low ISO notes

It's been almost five days since the Nikon D700 announcement, and already the internets are abuzz with high and low ISO pictures taken from the Nikon D700.

While each camera is a different beast, the D700 is much less of an unknown than the D3/D300 power duo was when it was announced, since the D700 is expected to be carrying the same or a variation of the Nikon D3 35mm full frame FX sensor and inherit body parts from the D300. Both cameras have been "vetted" and tested thoroughly in the last few months.

Nikon D700 Sample Pictures online

Photographer Mike Fullerton has posted a couple of high ISO D700 pictures on his blog. He has a Nikon D700, so be sure to stay tuned to his blog for more! [New!]

French website has added D700 pictures to their flickr stream. You can also find even more pictures at their website, they have spent one week with the Nikon D700 and post their impressions and pictures. They also have a side-by-side body picture with the 1Ds Mark III "mainframe" DSLR. It looks like they had a lot of fun, their Nikon D700 adventure included a Coldplay concert!

New waves of online D700 pictures have surfaced, in addition of course to the ones included in the Dr. Nyman's review... We start with sample pictures posted by a user. The we move on to pictures posted by, which include city pictures but also test close-ups covering the whole ISO range of the D700... More pictures posted in this hands-on preview by Spanish site Quesa Besde... Meanwhile photographer Paul Bluff has posted his sample pictures, but reader beware, they include provocative pictures of women, and a giant head close-up of a Nikon rep. If you look at these pictures, you will lose 10 Paradise Miles... Pixel peepers this is for you, a dpreview forum discussion discussing ISO crops between the D3 and D700 and trying to decide how close the two DSLRs are in terms of the N-word (noise). [New!]

Photographer CK II has made a pilgrimage to Nikon Japan and has posted among other things three sample pictures, taken at Nikon Live in Japan, and using the 24-70 f2.8 G-thang lens. [New!]

Author, blogger and photographer Joe McNally has posted a great "real world" photo shoot example using the Nikon D700 that may have been flying under the radar a little bit because the post title does not mention the magic words: "Nikon D700". McNally is famous for many things, (maps too?), but he has been scorching the Amazon Top Selling Photography Book Charts with his book The Moment It Clicks.

Jim Reed, a severe weather photographer, was handed a Nikon D700 to photograph storms and severe weather. He is now sharing fifteen of those photos. Includes a nanocyclone, landspout tornado, lightning and more pictures. You can read more about his "secret assignment" on his blog.

A trip to the lovely Monaco resulted in D700 sample pictures at Let's Go Digital. They have made the full size samples available for download.

Real world samples shot by a dpreview forum member! Includes three JPEG and three NEF files. Shot with a production camera by this forum user who also had the chance to shoot with other just-announced production cameras in the past.

We continue with the master of sample pictures, Master Chong. Skeptics and Canon users can point out that Nikon intentionally staged (full-size picture link) a traditionally low-light picture with extra lighting - see the extra lights on every step) to make the low light picture look better ;-) Look at the other side, there is only one light, but the lovely lady in the lovely designer dress is surrounded by seven lights ;-) And if you are a paranormal investigator, take a close look at the picture, there is at least one "orb" that looks like a nano-sun, quite possibly a nano pre-black-hole that escaped from the accelerator in Switzerland and is devouring the light. Also note the transparent "star" entity next to it ;-) Someone bring Art Bell out of retirement!

A discussion on the Chinese press event samples, in the D3-D700 forum, with wild opinion swings. Let's not forget the samples are samples, not works of art :)

Canon users are enviously looking at the DC Watch Impress samples, which range from ISO 100 to 6400 25600 and "compare" them with how they think their lovely EOS DSLRs would handle noise in the higher ISOs. There are about 35 sample pictures at DC Watch, but most of them are repeat subjects, so they are not 35 unique pictures. And how fitting, 35 pictures for a 35mm full frame DSLR :) Nikon users also discuss these.

PIXEL PEEPERS ONLY: For a close look at the set of full range ISO pictures, going from 100 to 25600 be sure to check the pixel peeping session at MasterChong.

Nikon Watch points us to the official Nikon sample pictures at Nikon Imaging.

Not a sample picture, but this dpreview forum user has a short paragraph hands-on impression after playing with it at a store in Japan.

Pictures coming soon! This thread informs us that a Danish photographer will be posting real-world sample pictures in the next few days.

If you happen to be in New York City on July 20, and attending the "Shoot the Day" event, you can make your own Nikon D700 sample pictures and post all over the internet! This is a Photoshelter event. Registration is free for the 500 participants. You have to agree to terms and conditions before signing up, so do read them. [New!]

More Nikon D700 and sample pictures coverage
We can't keep up with everything all the time, but you can find lots more on the D700 and new sample pictures and discussions at:
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  2. Master Chong
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  5. and many more

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