Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Nikon SB-900 is the new flagship flash, now officially announced

In the tall cyber-shadow of the Nikon D700, stands the new SB-900, Nikon's new flagship flash. The Nikon USA press release can be found at the Imaging Insider, where we learn that this flash will cost $500 and become available August.

Ryan Brenizer points out, in graphical animated form, just how big the new SB-900 flash is. So our comment above on the "tall shadow" should not to be taken literally. Any fitness trainers out there ready to create a workout plan for photographers planning to carry the 1 kilogram D700 plus giant flash around for hours and hours?

Lighting specialist sensation, Strobist, has a detailed analysis of this new light maker. On top of that, there are almost 40 comments by Strobist readers discussing it in an ...enlightened fashion.

Even though the D700 has generated a lot of buzz, the SB-900 has not been ignored. A lot of websites and blogs are featuring it, including Galbraith who presents its key features, and Pop Photo who summarizes it.

More coverage of the flash at Photography Review, as well as dpreview which includes detailed SB-900 specs, in typical dpreview fashion.

Flying a little bit under the radar is the Nikon SD9. No, not the Sigma SD9, but the unfortunately named Nikon SD9 battery pack for the SB-900 flash. The SD9 pack will cost about half as much as the flash itself, around $230. Power is getting expensive these days :(

And this wouldn't be complete without pointing out the ultimate source for all the new gear, Nikon itself!

Nikon SB-900 pre-orders
We found the SB-900 available for pre-orders at Adorama for $500 with free shipping. A query of "Nikon SB900" at Amazon returns no results at all as of the time of writing, which is 930pm New York City time on Tuesday July 1st, 2008.

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Update! The SB-900 is now listed at Amazon for pre-ordering, at the price of $570.

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