Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Noisy Round-up: XS 1000D in the USA, Gadget Blog Week starts tomorrow

And we have a heads-up for our regular readers: To celebrate the impact of high-tech gadget blogs (like Engadget, Gizmodo, Crave, Slashgear, etc) we are launching Gadget Blog Appreciation Week tomorrow, and this blog will go in gadget blog mode. This experiment starts tomorrow Wednesday July 9 and ends on Tuesday July 15. But fear not, we won't be running around the malls turning off TVs :) If there's anyone left reading after that, we will have a giant Photokina 2008 speculation spectacular. It won't be as big as the Fauxtokina 2007 since articles that long and detailed tend to go unread in this era of instant gratification.

Some of the latest updates:

  • Nikon D700 real world sample pictures,including a firehouse shoot in NYC by JoeMcNally, and extreme weather shots by Jim Reed. More Nikon D700 sample pictures
  • After spending trillions of hours on this blog, it's nice to get some internet love: AllTop adds 1001NoisyCameras to their Photography.AllTop page.
  • Canon officially announces the Digital Rebel XS 1000D in the USA market. Talk about tape-delayed. Will only be available in kit format. Canon USA press release at Imaging Insider. More at dpreview and The Digital Picture.
  • The D-Rebel XS 1000D will be available bundled with the 18-55 IS EF-S lens, but it won't be available as a body-only option. The starting price for the kit is $700 (August release) and $330 for the 430EX II Speedlight (stand-alone flash unit). More on the XS 1000D in our earlier announcement coverage.
  • Considering there is a Calvin Klein fragrance named "XS" meaning "excess", this is a rather unfortunate name for an entry-level DSLR :-) This is not GQ, can't recall the actual manufacturer name(s).
  • Later today: Round-up of 50-megapixel Hassy/Kodak announcement. Update, later is now: New Hasselblad H3DII-50 and 50mp Kodak sensor

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