Thursday, July 10, 2008

Old New Kodak M1063 quietly announced earlier, discovered now

Our team of new digital camera forensic scientists have also noticed a new camera mentioned at the Kodak website, but not included in today's press release. It turns out the Kodak M1063 was quietly announced on April 1st, 2008 according to this dpreview page. The camera is listed at, and is listed in pre-order status at Amazon with a mid-September release date and a price of $160.

And that was the most interesting thing about this camera :) Otherwise it's pretty much your typical affordable LiIon based Kodak digicam with the usual assortment of features one would expect at this price point. Note that the 3x optical zoom lens starts at 32mm instead of 35+mm that is more common. This makes it a 32-96mm Retinar lens. It will be available in four lovely colors, pink, red, black, and silver. It has also been added to the comprehensive Digital Camera List, a must-bookmark reference for the self-respecting gadgetologist :)

Kodak M1063 on the net

  • Details from the horse's mouth,
  • Specs at dpreview
  • CNet Crave UK has a hands on preview posted in early July, but most of the article talks about irrelevant numbers, not the camera itself. Oy!
  • Details by Kodak UK

PS> The title of this post is an homage to the gadget blogs, and part of gadget blog week.

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