Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Panasonic LX3 preorder (also FZ28, FX150, and FX37 pre-orders)

After the wave of four new Panasonic cameras yesterday, we move into preordering mode today! We have just noticed that the new Panaosonics are now listed at Amazon ready to preorder. Mouse over each link below to see the latest pricing and availability update from Amazon.

Panasonic LX3 pre-order (LX3K, LX3S)
You can pre-order the Panasonic LX3K at Amazon for $500. LX3K being the black finish. You can also pre-order the LX3S (silver finish) for the same price. Shipping date not displayed, but Amazon says "temporarily out of stock".

Panasonic FZ28 pre-orders (FZ28K, FZ28S)
The FZ28 is available to pre-order at $400 as the FX28K (black finish) and as the FX28S (silver finish), both at Amazon. Amazon lists them as "temporarily out of stock", and no shipping date is listed.

Panasonic FX150 preorders (FX150K, FX150S)
The 15-megapixel FX150 is available for preorder at $400 through Amazon and listed as "temporarily out of stock". They have available the black FX150K and the silver FX150S.

Panasonic FX37 pre-orders
The FX37 is available in the USA market in four colors for $350 at Amazon. They are the usual silver (FX37S), black (FX37K), blue (FX37A), and white (FX37W). No chocolate brown or pink for the USA market, at least not at Amazon.

Recap of the four new Panasonics

  1. New LX3, and initial reactions in the blogosphere along with sample pictures.
  2. New FZ28 superzoom with RAW
  3. New 15-megapixel FX150 with RAW
  4. New compact FX37 starts at 25mm.

You can thank us for our wall-to-wall coverage of all the new Panasonics by making your purchases or pre-orders through this post or the Noisy Mall.

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