Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Panasonic LX3 reactions in the forums

We continue our wall-to-wall Panasonic LX3 coverage with the reactions from the photography forums. If you want to start from the beginning, be sure to start with our executive summary of the four new Panasonics. And they are already available for pre-order.

Discussing the sample pictures
The sample pictures at InfoSyncWorld are the subject (victim) of this discussion.

The above discussion is just the appetizer. If you want more samples, and longer discussions, be sure to check this 80+ message thread in the Panasonic forum.

DCR's first impressions are also analyzed by a small group of Lumixians. To paraphrase a classic Bob Dylan line, "everything is analyzed, everything is criticized, when you are in the forums" ;-)

And speaking of sample pictures, this person has assembled a list of sample pictures using del.icio.us.

The Reveal
Not that this is a reality TV show, but this is a 100+ message thread discussing the announcement yesterday.

Flying under the radar a bit but resurfacing now is a discussion on the expansion of sensor production facilities by Panasonic in Tonami, Japan.

The Challengers
The Ricoh duo of GX100 and Gx200 is no longer the only game in town starting at 24mm with RAW! It has a new competitor, the LX3, which is great in terms of competition and variety in the marketplace. So it is quite interesting to check the 50-some threads in this discussion in the Ricoh forum.

And we have a full thread (150 messages), where else, the forum of more drama per square post, the Shiguma forum of course :) The thesis of the original post is will the LX3 give the DP1 a run for its money?

The Others
No, we are not talking about LOST, but the other forums discussing the LX3. We start with the Canonites, where they pose the question, Canon G10 or Panasonic LX3? Of course the G10 is right now a pig in a poke, but that doesn't stop the comparisons :)

And since we mentioned the mythical Canon G10, there is a thread in the Canon forum discussing mythical (?) specs.

Inspired by the LX3 Leica f2 lens, this discussion features f2.0 vs f2.8. Of course all lens apertures are fractions but for easy of typing we drop all the fractions 4/3rds of the time ;-) And a similar discussion.

Encouraged by the Panasonic LX3, Sony users are petitioning Sony to wake up, smell the camera roses, and introduce a Cybershot V5, or something along those lines to compete with the GINO, LX3, Ricoh GX-series and the like. Direct link to the petition here.

Recurring theme: What about Leica?
One of the recurring themes that emerged after the LX3 annie (short for announcement?) is speculation about what would Leica do. This is the topic in this dpreview News thread, and also discussed in the comments sections at Serious Compacts and Wouter 28mm.

The Bears
Is the Panasonic LX3 too little to late? Even one of the regular "bears" in the forums has semi-promising things to say about the LX3.

Sensor sensor on the wall, what's your effective size after all? :)

I want my telephoto lens! I want! I want! Clearly one of the trade-offs Panasonica made was to trim the telephoto end in order to provide a bright wide zoom lens. Needless to say, this will make some people less interested in it.

Even though Panasonic had one of the most juicy announcements in terms of "interesting cameras", there is always room for more.

Some in the UK think that the new Panasonic cameras are overpriced. We are not familiar with the UK market, so we can't comment. As far as the US price, we think that they are reasonably prices. It was after all Panasonic who pushed the prices of hyperzooms by $100 last year when the FZ18 came out at $400 and forced the Fuji (S8x00fd), Olympus (SP-5x0uz) and Canon (S5 IS) to drop near $400 faster than the manufacturers would have wanted.

You can haz LX3z, I am not impressed! ;-)

How about some rumors?
With the LX-crowd having some to "chew" on, the big FZ-crowd is getting restless. What about a FZ60 or something like that? That is a very good question, which we will address (without actually answering) when we start our giant Photokina Speculation Spectacular!

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