Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Pentax K200D Review by Photography Review and Photography Blog

We have a new impact review to showcase, now that the Nikon D700 sonic boom is over. Photography Review has posted a review of the Pentax K200D. The K200D has been flying under the radar, overshadowed by cameras from other manufacturers and the K20D as well. But could this camera be a great steal considering the price and the on-going $100 rebate? Or will its trade-offs prevent it from being considered a steal? One way to find out, read the review!

Updated next day: But wait there's more! Another K200D has just been published! Photography Blog has published their K200D review as well. If you want to find the conclusions, jump to page six of the review! How many stars did it get? Well, I see stars :)

These reviews have been added to the list of Pentax K200D reviews at the new minimalist DSLR Map. Shockingly we still haven't cluttered that blog yet! It's as spartan as spartan blogs can get! Others who have reviewed the K200D incloude Steve's Digicams, Digital Camera Review, CNet, and Trusted Reviews. More at the DSLR Map!

And the best way to save more money is to buy more! This doesn't make sense, until you consider the way the Pentax Gear-Up Rebate program is structured. You can save up to $375 if you max out. So if you are thinking of getting a system, not just a single dSLR body, you should really take a look at the Gear Up rebates, as you can pick up extra lenses, or flash or battery grip and save even more.

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