Saturday, July 26, 2008

Photography Soup Express (Dollars and Gear)

All apologies to fans of the photography soup, but we are officially in Photokina mode, and that means more technobabble posts, such as the giant DSLR Speculation and SuperZoom speculation and predictions posts.

The Economy and Camera Gear
Imaging Insider has a very interesting poll, touching upon the current state of the economy, and asking if you have sold camera gear to pay bills?

And in hard economic times, you can feed your need for gear the affordable way, for example, a dozen old(er) K-mount lenses on (fe)eBay.

A good cause
If you are going to be in Southern California on August 2, Camera Dojo is inviting you to participate in a fun event that has a higher purpose, the Save the Boobies Benefit that benefits the Susan B. Komen breast cancer walk.

Around the Internets
Does your business lack discipline and feels like it is spinning out of control? Inspired by a tour of the Naval Academy, David Ziser has some business tips that can help you tighten up your business ...ship!

We have two new instant classics from Ken Rockwell, the "Talk about your salary" post and the must-read "How much does Nikon pay me". Both are interesting reads that will be enjoyed by both fans and haterz of Ken Rockwell :)

A great write-up on the usefulness of digital cameras at the Wouter 28mm blog. There you will also find a lot of talk and pictures of and from compact but serious digital cameras.

We already mentioned this during our Panasonic LX3K coverage, but this is our favorite headline of the month, by Ryan Brenizer, discussing the new LX3: "Out-rangefindering the rangefinder".

Stuck? Running out of ideas? Not sure in which creative direction to go? Jim T of Pro Photo Life has some suggestions on how to get creatively inspired.

Success Stories
Thomas Hawk has reached another milestone, 2000 10-timers at Flickr. And by that we mean 2000 photos that have been "faved" 10 times or more at Flickr.

DCR informs us that Home Depot has reached another milestone, they are selling digital cameras. Judging by their prices, the local camera stores might be cheaper ;-)

If you have any success stories of your own or of your favorite websites, photographers or blogs, let us know by email and we'll feature them.

We are not hiring, and if we were, the payment would be a Big Mac per day, but dpreview is hiring web developers. So if you are really good with the "computer stuffs" and want to work in cosmopolitan London, be sure to apply! Two positions are available which doubles your chances :)

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