Monday, July 21, 2008

Reactions to the Panasonic LX3 around the world

The Panasonic LX3 came out today as a pleasant surprise, part of four new solid Panasonic digital cameras. These are the type of cameras that would make the average dpreview forum user happy, as three of them offer RAW! So let's see what other people are saying, in the blogs and in the forums!

Panasonic LX3 reactions in the blogosphere
New sample pictures from the Panasonic LX3 are available at PhotographyBlog. Over thirty pictures are there, pictures taken in south Europe at the Panasonica press extravaganza. Do note that the pictures are not full-size since they were taken with a pre-production camera. [NEW!]

A hands-on preview of the LX3 has just been posted by Dan Richards at the Popular Photography and Imaging. There we learn that the sensor has "larger diameter photodiodes" than the LX2 sensor. But let's not get too excited, considering the history of "Monetization" of the Venus engine and Panasonica sensors :) [NEW!]

Ryan Brenizer says the LX3 is outrangefindering the rangefinders. And it is certainly out-pricing them when you compare the prices of the two digital rangefinders, the current Leica M8 and the in-the-history books Epson R-D1.

Serious Compacts points us to full size samples and hands-on first impressions by DR at DCR.

Wouter28mm points us to samples and first impressions posted at a German photography site.

Meanwhile the members at the LX3 flickr group we mentioned earlier today are increasing. And so are the pictures in their LX3 flickr group.

A discussion the LX3 and a potential Leica version at the Online Photographer.

Ten things I like about the Panasonic LX3 (on paper) at the RAWsumer blog.

1001 Noisy Cameras informs us that the new Panasonics are now accepting pre-orders :-)

Panasonic LX3 reactions at traditional photography sites does not have any reference to the LX3, so perhaps there is more from Panasonic, which they could be saving for the Japanese announcement. Adding more to this is the mention (see ePhotoZine entry below) that the GN22 external flash will be "introduced soon".

Let's Go Digital has pictures of the camera body in the great outdoors, as well as studio product shot. More body pictures, including "camera in hand" pictures at Photography Blog. And for those interested in the 18mm wide converter, they have a "converter in human hand" picture. Folks, we don't call this "LX3 mania" for nothing :)

ePhotoZine has a detailed list of accessories available for the LX3, includig lenses, battery, and even the new bag. There we learn that the new GN22 compact flash (not CF) will be introduced soon.

The Megapixel blog dramatically exaggerates as they call the 1/1.63" sensor "mammoth". Come on now :)

Detailed specs of the LX3 at Imaging Resource.

And something straight from the Pana-horse's mouth, the Panasonic LX3 global site, which usually has more details and more in-depth information that the regional websites.

Panasonic LX3 reactions at the high tech gadget blogs
InfoSyncWorld was invited at a special Panasonic event in Manhattan and has posted their first impressions and three sample pictures. [NEW!]

Nice views of the body at SciFi Channel's DVice high-tech blog. Fear not, neither the LX3 nor the pictures are science fiction! They are real!

Gizmodo has a "camera in hand" picture of the silver model. Clearly, the black model looks a lot more "advanced" than the shiny silver!

Panasonic LX3 reactions in the forums
Here we go, photographer reactions in the dpreview forums.

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