Thursday, July 17, 2008

Read this blog on the Kindle for FREE! (yes, 1001Noisy on the Kindle!)

Yes, Kindle fans, you can read this blog on the Kindle for FREE! Kindle of course not included :) This is our full-text feed. We do not charge a subscription fee. This is made possible by using the free service at Here is the subscription page for the 1001 Noisy Cameras feed at RSS

The steps are very simple, you can follow the instructions at You will get our last 25 full-text posts in a mobile file. If you wish to get new updates, simply click on "Update this feed" on page one of the eBook on your Kindle or the mobile reader. The "update this feed" option offered by Feedbooks allows you to get new updates without connecting your Kindle to a computer. It uses the EVDO network connection that comes with the Kindle. You have to pull the updates for now, it will not push them like the for-pay Amazon network does. You can preview or subscribe to the mobi file right here: Mobipocket/Kindle

If you want to see how it will look, you can preview the files on your computer. You don't need a mobile reader to do this. Simply select the appropriate mobile file format at the feed page, and then open the file on your computer using the appropriate reader application. For Mobi files (Kindle files), you can use the MobiPocket reader and see how it looks. For ePub files, you can use the Adobe Digital Editions 1.5. For PDF files, you can use Adobe Reader or the lean and mean free version of the FoxIt Reader. All software mentioned in this paragraph are available for free.

This blog looks so noise-free and easy-to-read in mobile format compared to this bloggy mess :) Below is how it looks on the computer application Mobi Pocket reader. Click on the picture for the full-screen size.

And if you are looking for photography titles, be sure to check our previous post rounding up photography content for the Kindle.

But it's not just the Kindle! You can also generate files for the Sony Reader, iLiad, in ePub format, PDFs and even custom PDFs!

If you are a Kindle reader, or Sony book reader, or any other mobile device book reader, and are using this free service, please let us know what you think! We'd love to hear from you!

If you are a Kindle user looking for other "kindled" spirits, be sure to visit the Kindle User blog, forum and social network. And also the Kindle Ville blog.

And we close with a big thanks to for coming up with this great idea!

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