Thursday, July 17, 2008

Sony A200 reviewed by dpreview (new impact review!)

While the Sony Alpha A200 is not the most buzzworthy DSLR out there, the dpreview review of it is an impact review as it comes on the heels of the very controversial A350 review, which among other things, resulted in a (rather unfair according to a number of Sonolta fans) ban of a high profile Sony-Minolta user from the dpreview forums, a topic that is still buzzing, over and over in the Sony dpreview forums. The Helen of Troy was ...slovenly!

By the way the A200 is quite possibly the first DSLR to be announced at the CES trade show, which is yet another sign of the expansion of DSLRs into the general electronics market.

That was quite possible the longer preface we ever posted on an impact review :) Here is the actual Sony A200 review posted at dpreview just a couple of hours ago. The 31-page in-depth technical review is written by Lars Rehm, who was not the author of the controversial A350 review. The A350 review was done by Richard Butler.

And if you just can't wait and want to find what the conclusion was, well, you have to wait, just barely, so you can jump to page 30 of the review. As always, we won't be revealing the outcome here! The review is waiting for you!

The A200 is available in a standard kit with the 18-70 DT lens (A200K) and in a two-lens kit with the 75-300mm f4.5-5.6 lens (A200W). Amazon, dpreview's mothership, offers these for $500 and $600 respectively. Yes, the mythical $500 DSLR is here for Sony-Minolta-Alpha mount. Similar prices for the one-lens and two lens kits are available at Talk about Pacific Northwest bias :) Two Washington-based companies mentioned and none from the East Coast :) You don't have to be Suzy Orman to point out that the 2-lens kit is the best bang for the buck, since you are getting the 75-300mm lens for just $100 more. Assuming of course you actually need or have a use for the lenses - in cases of people with an arsenal of Sony-Minolta-Zeiss lenses.

Reactions to the review
The Sony dpreview forums is the place to be to see all the reactions. There is already one discussion started. And another errata thread has started. No need to hire a QA department, the forum users are always ready to help :) And the Spanish Inquisition.

And one last note for the rumor hunters, the name A700X has been mentioned in some rumors, but that's very unlikely as Sony uses prefixes to denote the camera kits. For example, A200K, A200W, A300X, etc. So it's very unlikely that they will name a new camera A700X, when the convention is to use the extra letter to denote a particular kit. Besides, the letter "X" is already used in kit names, such as A300X and A350X, and it denotes the two-lens kit that includes the 18-70 DT and the 55-200 lenses.

And since we brought up rumors, we are all waiting and waiting for the new Sony Alpha A900 flagship that has been promised and talked about publicly by Sony, but there are also some rumors of a Sony Alpha A800, an "affordable" 35mm full frame DSLR that would perhaps compete with the likes of the Canon 5D Mark I and Mark II (or 7D or whatever Canon calls it), and of course the buzzing Nikon D700.

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