Sunday, July 20, 2008

Week in Review (July 14-20, table-top edition)

Last week we did not post our usual week in review, since the blog within a blog front page experiment essentially functioned as a rolling week-in-review. Unfortunately technical issues postponed that experiment for later.

Today we have a "table top" edition! And don't forget to stay up to date with  our full-text feed. It's free and so are the RSS readers! And if you have a Kindle or the Sony Reader, find out how you can subscribe to the full-text for free!

New CamerasImpact Reviews
+New Phase One P65+ (60mp digital back)
+New Casio EX-Z150 (starts at 28mm wide)
+Samsung executive summary
+New 15-megapixel Samsung NV100hd TL34hd
+New 14mp Samsung L310w (starts at 28mm)
+New Samsung NV9 TL9 p(i)mp
+New Samsung L201
+New Samsung S1070
+First Nikon D700 review by Dr Georg Nyman
+Nikon D700 Sample Pictures online
+Thom Hogan reviews Nikon D3
+dpreview reviews Sony Alpha A200
+TWIP hands-on with Nikon D3
+Two recent Fuji S100fs reviews
+Sony A100 review round-up

The MarketRegular Features
+Friday Top Seller Charts
+Monday Top Seller Charts
+Ad-Tracker: Pop Photo August 2008
+Nikon D700 pre-order center
+This blog on the Kindle for free!
+Blogger's Corner: RSS feed thieves
+Discover New Sites and Blogs
+Photography Soup (photography-priority)
+Forum Digest (picture-priority)
+Reader Picture Showcase

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