Sunday, July 6, 2008

Week in review (June 29 to July 5, 2008)

Welcome to our weekly recap! We are continuing with the experimental table format we started last week. There is a poll at the bottom of the post where you can vote which one you prefer. For comparison purposes, the text edition looked like this. And don't forget to  subscribe to the full-text feed. It's free and so are the RSS readers!

Nikon D700 Beatle-ManiaOther News, Rumors, and Reviews
+Official D700 Announcement
+D700 Sample Picture Roundup
+Nikon D700 pre-orders
+Nikon News Ground Control
+Reactions Pt #1
+Two new Nikon PC Macro lenses
+New Nikon SB-900 flash with SD-9 battery pack
+Countdown to the announcement
+Olympus R&D shoots in all directions
+Two Pentax K200D impact reviews posted
+Phase One review at Luminous
+Rumors: Pentax K2000d and then full frame?
+Rumors: Nikon Coolpix P6000 with RAW?
+Prosumer Speculation at RAWsumer

Featured postsThe Market Speaks
+Discover New Sites and Blogs
+All "Discover New Sites" listed in one place
+Fireworks photography tips round-up
+Reader picture showcase
+RAWsumer gets new breezy template
+Nikon D200 drops to $1000
+Top Seller Charts (Friday)
+Top Seller Charts (Monday)
+News ticker added to blog

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