Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Fair and Balanced Poll

It's time for a fun poll! You decide! Do you think this blog is showing any favoritism towards a specific brand or a specific group of brands? What do you think? Vote in the multiple-choice poll below. You can pick more than one answer if you like, or enter another answer in "Other".

A few of the brands we rarely/never cover here are getting votes so please note this is not a "favorite brand" poll, nor a "want to see more" poll :)

PS> There is something in the poll above that hints of bias. Let's see who notices it first :)

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Week in review (August 24 to 31)

Welcome to a new recap of the week that was! New stuff from Canon, Nikon, Sony, and Olympus generated a lot of noise, along with proclamations by Samsung and RED. And don't miss a blog update,  subscribe to our full-text feed (RSS/Atom).

New DSLRsNew Compacts
New Nikon D90 is official!
D90 Daily diary
New Canon 15mp 50D DSLR!
50D Initial Reactions
New Nikon 18-105 DX VR
New Canon 18-200 EF-S IS lens
50D and D90 pre-orders
New Canon Summary
New Canon SX-110-IS
New Canon A2000-IS and A1000-IS
New Canon E1
New Sony T500
New Sony T700 and T77
New Olympus SP-565uz
New Olympus Stylus 1050sw and 1040
New Olympus FE-20

News & RumorsVarious
Samsung's new APS-C interchangeable project
The RED barks at 35mm DSLRs
Photokina Unfinished Business
Canon G10 Leaked and pulled back
Canon SX-1 20x IS leaked
Micro 4/3rds Bodies and Dreams
On Canon and Rumors
Rumor round-up
Recap of New Cameras of 2008
Emerging Trends
Photography Soup
Previous week's rewind
Labor day Weekend Shopper
Amazon finally ships D700 body only
Panasonic LX3k for $400
Panasonic LX3s for $400
New Top Sellers
Ricoh GX100 deal
Blog changes after Photokina

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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Alert: Panasonic LX3K (black finish) now $400 for pre-orders

We mentioned a couple of days ago the LX3 silver was on a limited time pre-order special for $400. Well, now we have even better news, the much more popular black LX3 (LX3K) is also down to $400. Both at J&R World and they are in pre-order status. The $100 instant rebate discount expires on September 6.

For a short list of reviews and a recap of the LX3 lifecycle be sure to check our earlier post.

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Amazon finally ships Nikon D700 body only - Engadget asks for opinions

With all the new cameras and new format announcements, the Nikon D700 is feeling a little bit left out. But fear not, Engadget has opened up the floor for D700 fans and users and asks what would you change on the D700? 65 opinions so far and counting...

On the availability front, Amazon has finally managed to fill up their warehouses with enough D700 bodies for everyone. The D700 body is now shipping from Amazon itself, with a $1 discount to boot and free shipping and "handeling".

For a list of current D700 reviews, be sure to check the D700 Review Organizer.

Digital Camera Review has just posted their Nikon D700 review. As always no spoilers, but if you are in a hurry, the conclusions are at the bottom of the review.

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DSLRs under attack: The RED howls at the mirror

You can't swing a mouse cord these days without reading about a new threat to 35mm DSLR's mainframe dominance among the majority of advanced photographers. Sure there is medium and large format and exotic rangefinders, but the vast majority of photographers are using traditional 35mm (D)SLRs.

But our favorite mirror slappers are under attack. First it was Micro Four Thirds, then earlier today the Samsung Hybrid, and now the RED Chief is barking in the direction of DSLRs.

RED is mostly into high-quality digital video but the convergence of technologies is allowing them to expand their Venn diagram into still photography.

RED on the Net
By RED CEO via Engadget via Canon Rumors via Camera Rumors.

Sounds like a Top 40 song artist credit line, except replace "featuring" with "via" :)

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Samsung developing its own small interchangeable lens format

Thanks to our regular reader and commentator Mrs Fix It for the tip!

Amateur Photographer UK is going to get another executive fired ;-) This time they have an exclusive interview with two Samsung executives where they reveal that Samsung is planning a small(er)-size APS-C interchangeable lens camera system to be launched in Spring 2010. Separate and independent of Micro Four Thirds.

For all the juicy details, be sure to check the Amateur Photographer UK interview!

But Pentaxians fear not, this will run alongside the current DSLR system.

Quick "Debbie Downer" Opinion
It is exciting that we will be getting a new smaller-size interchangeable lens system, but it is sad that we are not getting a universal standard with interchangeable bodies and parts.

It's hard not to be cynical, but people (and companies) never learn! And talk about throwing icy cold water on the Micro Four Thirds fire...

Reactions to the announcement
Serious Compacts analyzes the new development, and quickly points out one major difference between this unnamed ("Hybrid" a temporary name?) format and Micro Four Thirds.

A discussion in the dpreview News forum, thanks to a MrsFixIt tip. The dpreview thread is hard to notice because the title is not self-explanatory: the title is "Another giant awakes" which is what one could find in a Nessie forum :)

Another thread has sprung up in the News forum, with a "proper" title.

And what do the Olympus users think? Oh this is a must read thread! In the dpreview Olympus forums.

And this will undoubtedly start a new round of requests for a Samsung forum at dpreview!

Of course 2010 is far far away in the future, so this makes it even more important for Micro Four Thirds to announce and release new MFTs products this year. Otherwise it will feel like a vaporware race to 2010 ;-)

And while talking Micro Four Thirds, a forum user at put on his creative designer hat and came up with concept sketches for what a Micro 4/3rds camera could look like. Please note that this is just engineering artwork from an enthusiast photographer. This is not a rumor, not a leak, not news! This is only someone's creative work! I hope this gets translated correctly with the automated computer-translators. But if you are a camera geek this is cool stuff!

An excellent comment on Samsung's new "Hybrid" announcement by one of dpreview's most knowledgeable forum participants. Good reading.

New Updates: Monday Sept 1
The Amateur Photographer UK editor has behind the scenes comments of their big Samsung story and also explains the need and desire for a smaller size digital-only format.

Serious Compacts has posted a nice color-coded chart that illustrates the sensor-size differences between standard 1/1.7x" sensors found in compacts, Four Thirds (and Micro 4/3rds) sensors, Foveon, and APS-C sensors which is what the new Samsung "Hybrids" (Samsung fan of Battlestar Galactica?) will be using.

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Photography Soup (weekend edition)

Welcome to a new edition of the Photography Soup! Let's have a look at the blogosphere, while avoiding Photokina talk that has been dominating this noisy blog for the last few weeks.

Flickr Group Member Showcase: Peasap
Today we feature the 3rd person who submitted a picture to our flickr pool, flickr user Peasap. And our favorite picture, "Three's A Crowd", a winter sunset beach from above, taken with a Canon DSLR.

To see all the pictures in the pool or add your pictures and be featured in a future segment, please visit the flickr pool. For more on this segment, be sure to check the introduction.

Tech Talk
Summer time! Water! Oceans! Beaches! Pools! How about some waterproof cameras - at Arnie's blog. And while you are traveling out and about, Arnie has a mini-review of a photo trackr gadget, a mini-GPS device.

Make a case for it! This user does, makes a case for the Pentax K200D.

Oh we forgot to mention it, Adobe has announced version 7 of Adobe Photoshop Elements. Coverage of this all over the blogosphere, press release at Imaging Insider.

We have added to the giant Who Reviews Digital Cameras post. Any other review sites we have omitted? Please let us know and we will add them! And by reviews, we mean actual camera reviews, not specifications or press release reviews :)

The Learning Never Stops...
...especially with digital that changes almost on a daily basis. So here we go...

Have questions about lighting? Strobist is taking on questions, with answers coming next week. So if you have a question you can't find an answer to, ask the Strobist!

Have you done this? Take a song and turn it into a picture?.

We make a lot of noise about cameras having or not having a spot-meter. But how do you take advantage of it? Beyond Megapixels has an example.

TWIP Photo showcases the benefits of texture in your photographs.

Get Inspired and start photo-walking! Photo Walk Pro picks some of their favorite pictures from the world-wide photo-walks last Saturday.

JPG Magazine is introducing new interactive features, with profile pages featuring votable pictures, badges, stats and more!

If you are running a studio or you are a working photographer, be sure to check David Ziser's Business Days.

College student looking for an internship? Photographer Eric Hamilton is offering internships around the year.

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New Top Sellers Update: FZ28 Zooms Up, Canon SD-1100-IS has five!

Welcome to a new edition of the Top Seller Charts! With nine days in-between updates due to all the new news and rumoralia, we've had some more movement than usual! The screen-shot teaser follows, along with pseudo-analysis. If you can't wait, and just want to see the rankings, jump to the new top sellers chart now!

Top 20 stories
How do you increase sales? The answer is simple, cut prices. And the new low prices are driving the Canon A590-IS along with the colorful SD1100-IS to the top three spots. These are great prices, you can get them for $142 and $175 respectively.

Good news for Olympus, despite the xD card, the Stylus 770SW is providing to be a tough cookie, and continues to hover around the Top Ten. Now imagine if it also took SD/MMC memory cards as well!

Also good news for Samsung as it manages to keep the S860 in the Top 25. But the bad news is that in order to make it to the Top 25 they have to sell it under $95. Do I smell negative profit margin? :)

The Canon 50D effect
The introduction of the 50D was not good news for the Canon 40D, as both kits had noticeable drops, the 40D+EF28-135 kit dropping out of the Top 25 for the first time in a while. Granted, considering their prices that was a good showing.

The HyperZoom Wars
It only took a few days before Panasonic reclaimed the top Hyperzoom spot with a loud noise. The FZ28K has not only been released, but already received a $50 discount, selling for $340 by Vanns right now, and available for pre-order at Amazon for $346. The good news is that they have a pre-order price guarantee so if you pre-ordered at $400, you will get the lower price when it ships. So once again Panasonic undercuts hyperzoom prices, and you know what that means in a live market: More sales!

The next hyperzoom is the Nikon P80 at the bottom of the Top 30, selling at a similar price as the FZ28K, while the Sony H50 is just four spots behind making the race for the #2 spot interesting.

But the Olympus SP-570uz does not want to be left behind, a $20 discount has it moving on up and back into the Top 40, not far from the P80 and H50.

Making a rare appearance at the bottom of the top 100 is the Fuji S8100fd, which does have a competitive price but not the "superzoom cred" of the Canon and Panasonic models. Although Fuji has more superzoom tiers in their line-up than anyone else. I imagine even the people who work at Fuji must be carrying cheat-sheets to keep up with all the different tiers ;-)

Beyond Nikon and Canon DSLRs
Yes, there are DSLRs beyond those two, even if the market share numbers may indicate otherwise (ouch!) The leader of the pack this time around is the Sony Alpha A200 two-lens kit selling for just $600, not a bad kit for a beginner to DSLRs or to the Alpha mount, considering you get sensor-shift image stabilization with the majority of lenses attached... This is followed closely by the Pentax K200D kit, which at $620 is not a bad price, but nowhere near as good as the $550 after rebate price when the Gear-Up Rebates where up and running.

Following those two is the Olympus E510 two-lens kit which has been a relatively steady participant in the bottom of the top 100.

And two more Alphas next, the A300K which is the A300 plus the standard 18-70 DT lens, and the A200K, which is the same kit but obviously with the A200 instead. Their prices are FIXED by Sony who is probably borrowing an example from the oil companies - they are at $600 and $500.

Interesting to note that all the above kits are priced around $600. The magic price point in the non-CaNiKon market?

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Friday, August 29, 2008

Labor Day Weekend Shopper (40D, LX3S, T300 and more)

This is a special edition of the Weekend Shopper, with the Labor Day weekend just around the corner! And the retailers are going on the attack with some tempting temptations.

We start with J&R World, where we have these hot specials, good until September 1st:

More and more reputable online retailers are making the 50D and D90 available for pre-ordering. Be sure to check them all out in the 50D vs D90 pre-order wars. One interesting thing to note is that Amazon had briefly listed a 3rd Canon 50D kit, the 50D with the new 18-200 IS EF-S lens for $1700, but as of earlier today that kit has disappeared and its page returns a 404. We saved the ASIN for reference in the pre-order page.

More specials we as find them or as they find us. And remember your purchases through this post/blog, and the Noisy Mall is what supports this blog.

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Photokina 2008: Unfinished Business

Photokina 2008 is getting closer and closer. We've already had a boatload of digital cameras announced, some exciting but also a lot of shiny-silver-clones. So what else can we expect to see?

Canon 5D Mark I Replacement: If Paris Hilton was a digital camera analyst, she would have called the lack of a 5D follow-up "outrageously totally embarrassing". But there is hope we can believe in! Thanks to a great tip by we see this forum post by a laconic user who has been quite accurate so far in his/her Canon "predictions". His/her 5D Mark II "prediction" is "21-megapixels and records video". More on Canon at

Canon G10: It looks like Canon was about to announce the G10 but they pulled the string the last minute. Which could perhaps explain the G10 leak. If Nikon is pushing people towards the LX3 because of their quasi-RAW NRW silliness, Canon is pushing them towards the LX3 by their G10 Indecision 2008.

Nikon Flagship: Already Nikon went on record stating something big comes this way, but they also managed to muddy the waters by linking their "something big" to wedding photography through the Rangefinder magazine. So is it a wedding photography camera or a rangefinder or both or two-in-one? We can assume that we will get at least one of the two... With digital medium format dropping in price, this may be as good of a good time as any for Nikon to make a flagship statement.

Sony Flagship: This is almost guaranteed, although Sonoltalpha fans are getting frustrated that so many new cameras have been announced and released but they have yet to get their flagship. Sony went on record with the 25mp Exmor CMOS full-frame sensor. And various "A900" bodies were shown behind glass at various trade shows throughout the world. So barring any dramatic events, we should be seeing a Sony flagship before the end of September.

Leica, Leica, Leica: We have yet to hear from Leica, and it's been a while since they came up with a Like-a-Leica-sonic. Leica fans are hoping for a big bang, or at least some direction in the R-series, M-series, compact digital cameras, and future/potential involvement with Four Thirds and Micro Four Thirds... One thing that screams Leica is the Panasonic LX3... Here is a recap of Leica rumors at the l-camera forums.

Micro Four Thirds: Speaking of which, it is imperative that the Micro Four Thirds "coalition" gives us more tangible details. At least one camera body, and at least 2-3 lenses are a must. The more the better. Many people remember Four Thirds, so if they see patterns of the same "behavior", Micro Four Thirds may be seen as Four Thirds Jr, instead of change we can believe in.

Olympus: Apart from Micro Four Thirds involvement, there are lots of Olympic rumors of a 4/3rds DSLR sitting somewhere in between the E3 and the E5xx-series. Not sure what or where, although the rumors are plenty. They call it E30. And for the dreamers out there, there are some wild rumors of a Panasonic HDR sensor.

K-Mounties: The rumors are of a "K2000D" affordable AA-based dSLR first, and then a flagship K-mount digital camera. Meanwhile Samsung who is seen as the financial and manufacturing muscle in this has not released an "affordable" DSLR recently, despite the availability of K100D, K110D, K100Ds, and K200D. Their current DSLR is the GX20 which is a variation of the K20D and costs $1000+.

Sigma: The Sigma founder promises an SD15 DSLR and two DP-series models, one possibly with a zoom lens. But Sigma operates on "Sigma time" so they could come at Photokina 2008 or 2010 or 2012 ;-)

Fuji: Are rumors of Fuji DSLRs demise greatly exaggerated or fact? We blog, the market decides... Away from DSLRs, there was a dream-rumor of a Fuji Natural Digital f1.9 which we all want to believe, but... More credible is a Fuji riddle posted by Thom Hogan.

Speed-demon 6mp 1/1.8" sensor: Was the Casio EX-F1 a one-off experiment or the vanguard of hybrid camera/camcorders? DSLRs are now entering the video business, so the competition is heating up!

What Else? There's more stuff to be announced at Photokina! What else you are interesting in seeing? Something from Zeiss? Someone else making a digital rangefinder play? More 3rd party digital lenses?

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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Changes coming after Photokina

Once Photokina 2008 is over, we will have a number of changes to improve upon a number of things. It's no secret that this blog is bloated, so a "blog diet" (in terms of the layout and page loading times) is one of themes. If you have any suggestions, preferences, recommendations or requests, please send an email.

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New Sony Cybershot T500 joins T700 and T77

Hot on the heels of the T700 and T77 announcements, Sony announced today the brand new T500 ultra-compact.

In typical high-end T-series fashion, it has a 5X Carl Zeiss branded lens goes 33-165mm, which is not wide enough, but at least it's not 37mm. Image stabilization is included. The sensor of course is everyone's favorite flavor du jour, the 10mp 1/2.33". It is expected to be released next month for $400.

The camera has a 3.5" LCD display and with good reason. More and more inexpensive cameras are using 3" LCD, making it a must for "luxury ultracompacts" to differentiate themselves with a bigger screen or at least a touch-screen, although most people are not into touch-screens, at least not yet.

The HD video fans will be thrilled due to its 30fps 720p HD mpeg4 video mode

This has not been announced in Japan yet, and it is only available in one color in the US market but in three colors in Europe. Pictures of the three colors at Engadget.

Your homework assignment? Find the differences between the T700 and the T500 :-)

Coverage on the net
The Sony USA press release at the Imaging Insider.

Detailed specs at Imaging Resource.

Are they sending a "video message" to Nikon with the timing? That's what one Sony dpreview forum user asks.

Giant camera body close-ups of the black finish at DC Resource.

It has been added to the gigantic table of current and recent digital cameras as well as the Directory of 2008 digital cameras.

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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

HOT! $100 pre-order discount on Panasonic LX3 silver! (and LX3K too now)

Special Update: Now the LX3K (black finish) is also available to pre-order at $400. Price good until September 6, 2008.

We interrupt the silence with a $100 discount for the Panasonic LX3 fans! J&R World is running a special pre-order promotion on the silver version of the LX3 (LX3s), offering it for $400 instead of the regular $500 pre-order price! This special $400 pre-order price is good until September 6.

This is only good for the silver model, the black model (LX3K) is at the standard $500 pre-order price. With the Nikon P6000 disappointing photographers with NRW, and Canon G10 playing hide-and-seek, this maybe an LX3 power-play to grab early mindshare.

The Panasonic LX3 Lifecycle so far

  1. Official announcement coverage
  2. Initial reactions in the blogosphere
  3. Initial reactions in the forums
  4. Panasonic LX3 Daily Round-up

Panasonic LX3 Reviews so far

Please consider thanking us for finding this great special for you by making your purchases and pre-orders through this blog!

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Horrible move by Canon

Canon just lost a lot of "internet cred". Apparently they are trying to essentially shut down They have sent them a cease-and-desist letter. This is a sad move by Canon.

It's fascinating that companies have thousands of employees, yet very few understand how online communities work or how the internet works.

They are trying to effectively shut down a website that is part of their online community, mostly comprised of their own hardcore fans and photographers. These are the everyday evangelists for the Canon brand. Their loyal photographers are much more effective in promoting Canon on a daily basis than "traditional" tired TV ads with tennis players and super models. Way to go Canon.

Bad PR move, bad strategic move, bad marketing move, bad move on all accounts.

But there is time to make it right Canon, no damage done yet...

And while you are at it Canon, please feel free to add spotmeters to all your DSLRs :)

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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Nikon D90 is finally official - let the Canon vs Nikon Wars resume!

The D90 is finally officially official and we are rewarded for the wait with a 13-page product preview at d-preview by Simon Joinson. Also posted a duet hands-on preview at Imaging Resource.

The Nikon Melville New York (USA) press release can be found at the Imaging Insider.

The D90 will be available around September for $1000 as body only, and $1300 bundled with the brand new 18-105 f3.5-5.6 ED VR lens. One day later, the D90 body only is available for pre-order at Amazon for $1000. No shipping estimate is given, it is listed as "temporarily out of stock". Likewise the D90 + 18-105 kit is "temporarily out of stock" and goes for $1300. For more on these, be sure to check the Canon 50D vs Nikon D90 pre-orders edition.

Meet the Nikon D90
The DSLR is centered around the 12mp CMOS APS-C/DX sensor and the EXPEED engine.

The machine-gun mode is at 4.5 frames per second. Start up is 15 milliseconds with shutter response at 65ms. Even the image preview has a machine-gun mode, 120ms per image.

While not a photography-priority feature, the D90 is the first mirror-flipping interchangeable lens DSLR to offer a "true" video recording mode, which is a 24fps 720p HD movie, which Nikon calls D-Movie. And this is a great match for its HDMI output feature and socket.

The D90 offers 3D Color Matrix Metering II and it does have a spot-meter, something Canon DSLRs don't always have for some strange Oly-panarama-bizarro reason.

The D90 features the Multi-CAM 1000 AF Module with 11-point autofocus.

The native ISO goes up to 3200 at full resolution and up to 6400 in "Hi ISO mode".

Shutter speeds range from a little as 1/4000 and as along as 30 seconds. The shutter itself is rated at 100,000 clicks.

Scene recognition and Face detection are a must feature these days among electronics superstore consumers so here they are :)

It has a 0.94x optical viewfinder along with a 3" LCD with 920k dots and features a Live View.

Battery life is an estimated 850 CIPA using the included standard LiIon battery. For more, one can use the optional and already existing and available MB-D80 battery grip which goes for around $130. The grip can take two EN-EL3e or six AA (rechargeable) batteries.

The SD/SDHC memory card makes more in-roads in DSLRs, as the D90 is an SD/SDHC camera.

Dust bunnies protection is included, aka sensor cleaning function.

And of course the GPS functionality, and the GP1 accessory.

Thankfully Nikon has done anything stupid with RAW with this camera, unlike the P6000.

Coverage on the Net
Lots of Nikon goodies including sample images, sample videos, and a 16-page brochure have been posted by Nikon itself. Rob Galbraith has all the links.

Photo-blogger Chase Jarvis has a 5 and a half minute hands-on video preview of the D90.

Meanwhile Camera Labs rounds-up the D90 and compares the specs between the D80, D300 and XSi 450D.

And now we can revisit David Busch's D90 detailed analysis titled "Why Nikon are great".

There's a review coming! Jeff Keller has a D90 in his hands and he will post his review after he finishes the K20D and E520 reviews in August. More on the D90 at DCR. He also promises sample pictures this week, time-permitting.

And if you are looking for an appetizer, Crunch Gear talks about new Sandisk SDHC memory cards going as fast as 30MB/s and are co-promoted with the new D90.

More on the D90 at Digital Camera Review.

Directly from the horse's mouth, the PR by Nikon itself.

And a bonus, if you are tired of specs, rumors, leaks, and technobabble, you can help PhotoWalk Pro sort through 1000+ photo-walk pictures.

More reactions to the D90 coming later on Wednesday.

Also be sure to stay up to date with new D90 news via the D90 Daily Diary.

The Nikon D90 meets TechMeMe
The Nikon D90 has generated so much buzz that it made it to the front page of TechMeme!

Read the rest of "The Nikon D90 is finally official - let the Canon vs Nikon Wars resume!"...

New Nikon 18-105 f3.5-5.6 ED DX VR lens

Coming in hand-in-hand with the Nikon D90 is the 18-105 f3.5-5.6 DX VR lens. Press release at the Insider. The lens on its own will sell for $400 in September, and will have a combined $100 kit discount when purchased with the D90.

When mounted on an APS-C/DX Nikon-mount DSLR, you get the equivalent of roughly 28-160mm.

The Nikon UK press release at Detailed lens specs at Photography Blog and

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The multi-color discovers the Nikon D90

Yes, the multi-color has discovered the Nikon D90. Who is the multi-color? It's a newspaper. Which one? Details via the Imaging Insider.

Also of interest, the same story linked above quotes InfoTrends research data where the expectation is that 3 million more digital cameras will be sold in the USA market this calendar year. That's a total of 40 million expected sales out of a population of 300 million people. DSLRs are expected to sell even better, going up by half a million this year to 2.5 million units. That's about 6.25% of overall digital camera sales. It looks like the oil company execs are buying digital cameras for everyone ;-)

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Canon 50D pre-orders are starting up

The Canon 50D was just announced today but the online retailers are already catching up and offering 50D pre-orders.

We start with Calumet Photo, which offers the 50D body only for $1400. Search for "Canon 50D" at the Calumet site or search for product code "EC2750WL". There is no shipping estimate provided.

Listed, but not available for pre-ordering is B&H Photo. It is their standard not to take pre-orders. But rest assured we will notify you when we notice that B&H Photo has started shipping the 50D. They list the 50D body only for $1400 and the 50D + EF 28-135 for $1600. And a new kit, the 50d with the 18-200 IS EF-S lens for $1700. B&H Photo estimates arrival in October.

We will have more updates as we notice more stores featuring the 50D. To stay updated with all our updates, make sure you bookmark this page or visit the new 50D vs D90 Pre-Orders War.

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Canon 50D initial reactions in the blogs and in the forums

After a short rumoralia-lifecycle, the Canon 50D was announced a few hours ago. So what are the initial reactions so far? We start with the websites and blogs and then dive into the forums.

Reactions in the photo-blogosphere
The Underexposed blog analyzes the new DSLR specs and talks noise, Live View, Nikon, new lens, and 50D concerns.

TWIP Photo summarizes the new 50D. And points out to the digital camera manufacturers that they better start paying more attention to blogs and online communities. And we couldn't agree with them more! Because by the time the 50D news is printed in a paper magazines, rumors of the 60D or 45D will be buzzing :)

Luminous recaps the specs and pixel pitch size, face detection and mirror lock up.

No trash-talking by the Nikonians, they simply recap the main specs.

Wait for the samples says Neutral Day.

Where is my new 5D asks The Digital Story. It's still a Digital Rumor, three years in the making :(

"I may not buy the 50D" says photographer Scott Duffy. Why??????

Reactions in the Canon dpreview forums
We start with the discussion of the official announcement publication.

Let the comparo-debates begin! D300 vs 50D, forum-style.

Canon Japan has posted sample pictures. But the picture reviews are tough!

Hold on says one forum user. There are differences between the 40D and 50D autofocus systems.

Some 40D users are not happy with the release cycles. It's a Big Yawn says a 50D bear. Go away bears says this bull. The 50D is a new era.

Eggcited or scrambled over the 50D? You opine!

Hello, where is the D700 killer asks one forum user.

Reactions in the competitor's dpreview forums
Perhaps distracted by the stream of D90 leaks, there's very little talk in the Nikon D80-D40 forum. Meanwhile the D300-D100 forum has some harsh words for the 50D pixel binning and ISO 12800. Meanwhile a 100+ thread is discussing the official 50D announcement.

And now to the Sonoltalphans. What do they think? It's our time say the Pentaxians. Meanwhile the Olympians are not talking 50D, perhaps distracted by Micro Four Thirds and new Olympus E30 rumors.

Reactions at Fred Miranda
The administrators are Fred Miranda has created a master 50D thread to get things organized. They also created a thread for 18-200 IS EF-S lens discussions.

Stop the complaints! The 50D is not a 40D replacement. Stop the hatorade says another thread.

But if the new cameras are too old for you, there is always future talk. And how about future lenses?. And how about a 5D replacement?

Reactions on other forums
Brew a giant pot of coffee! This thread has almost 300 replies at Photography On The Net (POTN). Yes, three hundred almost!

And the obligatory 50D vs D300 comparison. Under 50 posts at the moment, so it's a more manageable read. Just half a pot of coffee, mix in some decaf too :)

And we have a summary-translated first 50D review discussed. The review itself is posted in Swedish by nature photographer Brutus Östling.

The 50D is here and discussed at the Luminous Landscape forums.

A trio of busy threads are spotlighted at A combined total of 230 messages, so be sure to brew a 10-cup pot of coffee if you plan to go through the whole lot!

Read the rest of "Canon 50D initial reactions in the blogs and in the forums"...

Nikon tries to spoil Canon's day, Nikon D90 briefly at Circuit City for pre-ordering!

Circuit City had briefly listed the D90 + 18-105 DX kit for pre-ordering for $1300. Link to a detailed screen-shot of the product page and specs via the Imaging Insider. The pre-order page at Circuit City has been taken down now. It looks like we have underground marketing guerrilla wars: Canon may have split its announcement in two and Nikon is trying to spoil Canon day. We won't let them spoil Canon day, so that's all we are going to write about this until or unless there is an official announcement. Camera companies, please stop wasting resources on silly games like this and instead please make better cameras :)

Read the rest of "Nikon tries to spoil Canon's day, Nikon D90 briefly at Circuit City for pre-ordering!"...

More than rumors: Canon coming up with a 20X superzoom digital camera

We picked up some internet chatter of a 20X IS superzoom digital camera by Canon. The rumored name is "SX1 IS" and is discussed in the Canon dpreview forum. Very few details are mentioned such as 20X, IS, EVF, and 28-560mm. Although this seems credible, please treat it as a rumor until or unless it is officially announced.

This also raises concerns among glass-half-empty S5-IS fans, while glass-half-full S5-IS fans may hope for a more advanced model that doesn't make too many sacrifices just to get to a higher zoom ratio.

A little bit more on these at

Read the rest of "More than rumors: Canon coming up with a 20X superzoom digital camera"...

New Canon 50D DSLR reaches for the moon, grabs Comet D300

The rumors were completely founded, the 50D was on the fast-track, from rumor-leak to actual announcement. And without further ado, dive right in, a trio of d-preview previewers have posted a 12-page Canon 50D preview at d-preview!

This new mid-range DSLR (press release at Imaging Insider) will cost $1600 $1400 body only and $1600 bundled with the EF 28-135 lens. No pre-orders yet, but Amazon has a notification list. This does not guarantee a place in line, it simply emails you when they have a product update.

The estimated delivery is October, but DSLR fans like to be pleasantly surprised with earlier releases. After all, the 40D is still alive and kicking and under $1000.

Meet the Canon 50D
Canon did not want to be left behind in the post-apocalyptic megapixel world, so they have jumped from 12mp to 15mp. Jumped over the 14mp Sony A350 and Pentaxung K20d and GX20! But perhaps what Canon really wanted to scream is "Take that Nikon D300, D700 and D3. We got megapixelz than YOU 12mp foolz!".

The memory card manufacturers are for sure applauding the move, because a 25% increase in megapixels means you can now take fewer pictures with your current memory cards. More memory cards please (or more judicious use of the shutter click?)

Notable specs include 6.3fps machine-gun mode, and if you do the math, 15mp at 6.3 fps, that's almost 100mp/s throughput. The buffer is deep, assuming you have a fast UDMA CompactFlash card, up to 16 RAW and 90 large-fine JPEGs.

But Canon also shows a gentler softer side. Understanding that the new gigantic RAW files are not necessary for every photographic situation, they offer two smaller RAW formats. The two sRAW formats, aptly named sRAW1 and sRAW2 are at 7 and 3.8 megapixels respectively.

Autofocusing loves its nine (9) cross-type sensors, but at f2.8 or better, you have more options! And the micro-adjustment AF feature of the 1D-series finds its way here, in typical trickle-down cameranomics.

The ISO jumps to the moon - ISO 6400/12800 max. Meanwhile the "14-bit A/D" will give it some "spec cred" over "some" competitors.

In the acronyms segment, DiGiC 4 promises improvements and new miracles and wonders, while "ALO" is not a new cameraphone, but "Auto Lighting Optimizer". The dumb-intelligent mode gets a new skin, it's called "CA" for "Creative Full Auto". What happened to the "F"? :) No need to bother with shutter speeds and apertures, just "brighten the image" and "blur the background".

Those who wanted an improved LCD over the 40D will be thrilled to notice a 3" LCD with 920,000 dots (not pixels). Canon promises an improved Live View mode with a 35-face forward-looking face detection mode. What? No "head buried in hands" face detection mode? And I'm paying $1400 for this? :) Canon offers the traditional mirror-flip phase detection AF but also the sensor-based contrast detection. And they also "discover" grid lines in Live View, joining "Hello Kitty" and thousand other digicams/webcams in noticing the usefulness of this ;-)

Coverage on the Net
Canon-priority website The Digital Picture has assembled a collection of official Canon press releases and website links from around the world.

More details at DC Resource and Imaging Resource.

A brief spec comparison at the CNet Crave blog and a detailed analysis of the specs at Pop Photo.

The Canon UK press release at dpnow now. Yes, you can read it now at dp-now now! Now, now, no now-now jokes!

Beyond Photo Tips highlights what might be of interest to the advanced amateurs out there.

There's dozens and dozens of other websites and blogs covering the 50D announcement, but we can't post them all here.

Initial Reactions
Coming later today in a separate post.

Read the rest of "New Canon 50D DSLR reaches for the moon, grabs Comet D300"...

New Canon 18-200mm f3.5-5.6 IS EF-S is finally announced

Canon EF-S users had been frustrated by the absence of an "affordable" "house" superzoom lens, but today they are finally getting their lens! But it's not as "affordable" as one would want. The starting price is $700 with an estimated October release date. This puts it about half a price stop above the already existing Nikon 18-200 DX VR.

Coverage on the Net
dpreview has a press release from Amstelveen, Amsterdaam, so if the lens is spaced out, give it a few hours, and it will recover ;-) A hands-on preview of the lens is included organically in the 12-page EOS 50D preview at d-preview.

It's a swiss army knife, says Ryan Brenizer. Ryan goes on to point out why such a lens is popular but also explains why some people go for bright primes that cost more dimes.

Canon USA press release at the Imaging Insider.

Bob Atkins compares and contrasts the prices between this and the TamTokSigs.

PS> "TamTokSigs" is a new term we just came up with to refer to "3rd party lenses" and it is a silly blend of the names of Tamron + Tokina + Sigma. Or perhaps "TokTamSigs" or "SigTamToks" or "SigTokTams". Or perhaps "TokSigTams" or "TamSigToks". Ok, ENOUGH!

Read the rest of "New Canon 18-200mm f3.5-5.6 IS EF-S is finally announced"...

New Canon G10 announced or not? (we do not know yet)

Earlier today one of our readers pointed us towards a Canon G10 announcement at Pop Photo. The url is no longer functional, it takes you to the main Pop Photo page, but for reference, here it is.

It mentioned specs that had been rumored and leaked for a while now, 15mp sensor, 5x wide angle optical zoom lens starting at 28mm, RAW, ISO 1600 at full-resolution, hot-shoe and things like that.

Serious Compacts summarizes the G10 specs as seen around the internet.

That's all there is for now, I'm afraid we have to wait for an unspecified period of time before we know more...

Read the rest of "New Canon G10 announced or not? (we do not know yet)"...

New Canon SX110 IS follows up on fun zoom SX100 IS

Canon makes its second attempt in the "fun zoom" SX-series with the SX-110-IS, which follows a year after the SX 100 IS.

Just like the SX100-IS it has a 10X IS lens, along with AA battery support. The screen "grows" to 3" from 2.5", while the effective megapixels are nine versus eight. No optical or electronic viewfinder, the 3" LCD is the only "window" to the world. It will be available in silver or black for around $300, and considering the SX100-IS supply side issues, it is a good thing Canon plans to make it available in late August, which is almost here.

And already, the SX110-IS is listed and discounted at Amazon. The SX110-IS is listed as "temporarily out of stock" for $280 and with free shipping at Amazon!

Coverage on the Net
Canon USA press release at Imaging Insider.

Detailed specs at Digital Camera Review.

An adorable front face picture at Engadget.

A nice visual summary of all the new Powershots at The rumors were completely founded :)

Read the rest of "New Canon SX110 IS follows up on fun zoom SX100 IS"...

New Canon A-series numbering, A2000-IS and A1000-IS

Canon is rocking the A-series boat with a new naming scheme. Things did get pretty crowded there and Canon apparently decided to start a fresh!

There are two new Ax000-IS models, the A2000-IS and the A1000-IS. The A2000-IS follows up on the A720-IS legacy by moving to a 10mp 1/2.3" sensor, continuing with the 6x IS optical zoom, and a 3" LCD. The duo-tone color may worry some A650-IS fans that a A660-IS may not be coming. But who knows... It is available at Amazon for $250.

Meanwhile the A1000-IS is following up on the very popular A590-IS, which was announced at PMA 2008. The A590-IS is quite possibly the best bang for the buck digital camera at the moment with a price of about $150.

The A1000-IS is available at Amazon for $200 in four different colors.

Coverage on the Net
Press release from Lake EOS Success at the Imaging Insider where we learn these two will ship in September for $250 and $200 respectively. Thus, allowing the A590-IS to continue grabbing market share by the boatload at around $150.

The Republic of Ireland and Canon UK press release can be found at Photography Blog. And for those who are like marketing, you can compare and contrast the two press releases :)

Front and back camera body pictures at CameraTown where we can see that the A2000-IS trades off the optical viewfinder for its 3" LCD, but the A1000-IS retains the OVF but has a 2.5" LCD.

Detailed front and back pictures of the A2000-IS at Let's Go Digital. The page is for the A2000-IS, do not let the url typo confuse you!

Read the rest of "New Canon A-series numbering, A2000-IS and A1000-IS"...

New Canon E-series puts the "E" in entry-level

Perhaps in an attempt to boost the profile of the A-series, Canon has decided to move the bottom of the A-series (eg the A4xx models) to a new line, the E-series. Yes, same series name Pentax uses for its entry-levels and judging by their look, perhaps the same (or similar) OEM.

It looks like Canon has bought a boatload of 10mp 1/2.33" sensors, because that's what the first E-series model, the E1 has. It also has a 4x optical zoom lens, 2.5" LCD, face detection of course, and adorable "Barbie-cam" looks.

And it's a good thing Canon is doing this because these cameras look very entry-level and would have embarrassed the A-series legacy. These are targeting the absolute beginners, but what they really show is that Canon is not going to let Kodak and Samsung go unchallenged in the sub-$100 market segment.

One would have thought with camera phones everywhere, and improving webcams, camera companies would have shifted upwards, but apparently that was only a temporary trend, it looks like everyone is coming back to the entry-level again. These put the "M" in market share.

Despite its toycam looks, this camera will sell at $200 around September. But at least it has an optical tunnel viewfinder!

Coverage on the net
There is a mild controversy brewing. Who is this camera for? ;-) It's for teens and tweens says Adorama. No, it's for the ladies says CrunchGear.

A recap at DigicamReview, and press release at DC Views

Read the rest of "New Canon E-series puts the "E" in entry-level"...

New Canon DSLR and Powershot camera announcements (executive summary)

The leaks became a lake today, and the rather surprising at first new Canon DSLR, lens and Powershots have come a reality. Detailed coverage coming up!

Canon 50D DSLR: 15mp CMOS APS-C sensor, DiGIC 4, 3" LCD, Live View, ISO 12800 max, HDMI out. Lots more details...

Canon 18-200 f3.5-5.6 IS EF-S lens: The 50D and all over EF-S/APS-C Canon DSLRs have a new best friend. This $700 new lens can give them the "house brand" superzoom lens they always wanted. More details...

Canon SX110-IS: A new "fun zoom" follow-up to the SX100-IS, with a 10X IS lens, 9-megapixels, and things like that. More Details...

Canon A2000-IS and A1000-IS: Canon reboots their A-series naming scheme, with the A2000-IS following up the A720-IS with a 6X IS lens, and the A1000-IS following up on the A590-IS with a 4x IS lens. Both are using the 10mp 1/2.33" sensor. More details...

Welcome to the entry-level: Canon embraces the entry-level with the new elegant (NOT) E-series line, starting with the E1. Perhaps taking a shot at the Olympus E1 with this name? :) The E1 is sort of like a continuation of the A4xx-series which was a more basic A-series model. More details...

New Canon G10 or NOT?: One of our readers just noticed a summary-announcement at Pop Photo. However, as of 10:20am New York City time on Tuesday August 26, clicking on the link takes you to the main Pop Photo page instead of the G10 page. [UPDATED!] Less details...

Three more Canon Powershots coming? It looks like Canon is not done yet! There may be three more Powershots coming, two Elphs models (Ixus, Ixy) and another SX-series model. We don't have enough information to post more on this yet... SX1 IS 20x superzoom?

Read the rest of "New Canon DSLR and Powershot camera announcements (executive summary)"...

Monday, August 25, 2008

In-stock alert: Nikon D700 body only at Adorama!

It looks like the Nikon worker bees have finally caught up with demand! Adorama now has the D700 body-only in-stock for $3000 with free shipping.

For more reputable online retailers carrying the D700, be sure to check the D700 Shipping Status page. And daily D700 updates, be sure to check the D700 Daily Round-up.

Read the rest of "In-stock alert: Nikon D700 body only at Adorama!"...

Micro Four Thirds Panasonic camera body picture leaked???

German website is pointing to a potential leak via China of pictures of a Panasonic Micro Four Thirds digital camera body! The post and pictures at

There are two pictures shown, one of the front and one of the back of the camera, each picture is about a 400 pixel square. Sigma DP1 anyone? :)

A very interesting discussion is developing in the Olympus dpreview forum. Are those zoom buttons they see? What implications could that have for future designs?

One of our readers pointed out in the comments that there are two more pages of pictures at the Chinese website. Page 2 of pictures shows three body colors, black, black+silver and something that looks like brown-bronze-rust-chocolate. Page 3 of pictures take a peek inside the mount and has another back picture.

Like this blog post? Vote for it on reddit and digg.

Serious Compacts has an update via a Japanese blog that may be pointing out that the CGI leaked may not be legit.

It looks like we have a Japanese translation in the forums, the pictures at are "dreams of my blog's member". These I am assuming refer to the pictures of the 21mm pancake and 12-42mm lens. Were the Chinese pictures originate from as well? We don't know at this point.

Considering the time zone differences, not 100% accurate computer-translator software and lack of fluent multi-leak-linguals, this can get confusing!

Speculation Segment
As the heading right above suggests, this segment is speculation. One thing to consider is that Panasonic very much knew that they were coming up with Micro Four Thirds when they were also working on the Lumix LX3.

So the question is, did they design the LX3 in a way that it won't be "overshadowed" by their first Micro Four Thirds cameras? Meaning, does the LX3 start at 24mm wide, because the first few MFT lenses may not be going that wide?

As the heading suggests, the speculation segment consists of speculation, not rumors or news!

Read the rest of "Micro Four Thirds Panasonic camera body picture leaked???"...

The Digital Cameras of 2008 - a quick snapshot (The Year of the Wide Compact)

With the Olympics now in the rear view mirror and Photokina 2008 less than 30 days away, we are bound to start getting waves and waves of new product and vaporware announcements. So this is a good time to recap the year so far in terms of new digital camera announcements. And what a "productive" year it was!

New Digital Cameras in 2008 so far

  • 12 new DSLRs (one 35mm full frame)
  • 18 superzooms (zoom ratio 10X or more)
  • 11 non-DSLRs that support RAW natively
  • 39 start at 28mm or wider (The Year of the Wide)
  • 163 total new cameras from the major manufacturers. Yes 163!

There's even more from other regional, rebranded, and "cloned" brands! The 163 new models (CRAZY) are coming only from the manufacturers listed below:
  • Canon, Nikon, Sony, Kodak, Fuji, Olympus
  • Pentax, Casio, Panasonic, Leica, Samsung, Ricoh, Sigma, GE
  • HP is tracked but nothing new in 2008
  • One Minox model is listed (starts at 28mm wide)

Complete details of every category and model at the 2008 digital cameras round-up.

Read the rest of "The Digital Cameras of 2008 - a quick snapshot (The Year of the Wide Compact)"...

New Olympus SP565uz is a different SP570 (updated)

In a bit of a surprising move, Olympus has decided to shrink change the SP-570uz (PMA 2008) and produce the brand new SP-565uz. Note the symbolic nature of the model name. The press release from Olympus USA at the Imaging Insider.

The SP-565uz shrinks in size changes in shape, but retains the 26-520mm equivalent 20X super zoom lens, and has sensor-shift stabilization, along with a 10mp 1/2.33" sensor. PSAM is retained which will thrill fans of "traditional" photography modes.

It has RAW. The press release text does not mention RAW, but the spec sheets include RAW. RAW is also included in the specs at Imaging Resource and dpreview. Both sites use template spec sheets which means that sometimes you get leftover specs from the previous model, but since we found RAW in at least three spec sheets, we think that it probably/likely has RAW. Update June 2009: The review at Steve's Digicams verifies that it has RAW.

On the buzz front, we find a TruPic III engine, 33 scene modes, 2.5" LCD, EVF, and things like that.

The camera uses 4 AA batteries, and will be out around October 2008, at the more competitive price of $400, which is the price of the new Panasonic FZ28 as well. Amazon has it available for pre-ordering at $400 with a conservative October 31st release date.

Sadly, the ostriches at Olympus continue on the xD with microSD adapter path, completely ignoring the fact that the vast majority of digital cameras today use SD/SDHC/MMC memory cards instead.

Coverage on the Net
The Olympus UK press release at Photography Blog.

Detailed specs at Imaging Resource, and more at Digital Camera Review.

Olympus camera users are discussing this in the Olympus dpreview forum.

Update on SP-565uz size
Thanks to Light Scrape for pointing this out in the comments! The Olympus USA press release is confusing at best, the words "smaller" are not exactly the best way to describe the differences between the SP-565uz and SP-570uz. Instead they should have said a more compact or streamlined design. Decide for yourselves, compare the product shots side by side (by putting two side-by-side web browser windows or flipping over two browser pages) using the DC Resource product pages for SP-570uz and SP-565uz.

Read the rest of "New Olympus SP565uz is a different SP570 (updated)"...

New Olympus FE-20 sneaks in the entry-level as well

Lost in the shuffle is the new Olympus FE-20 which might as well be a different name for the FE-360. With the sheer volume of near-identical clones coming up every six months, we simply don't have the bandwidth to feature them in detail!

It appears the FE-20 is announced in the UK, but not announced in the US market. There is no new Olympus announcement at which may suggest that there may be more coming and they are saving them all for one big announcement in Japan? Or simply they are picking a different time for the official Japanese announcement? Who knows!

The FE-20 is the quintessential (what does that mean?) entry-level LiIon camera with an 8mp 1/2.5" sensor, 3x pedestrian optical zoom, 2.5" LCD, poor battery life, "marketing" image stabilization, face detection of course, and things like that.

More details on the FE-20 at Photography Blog and dpreview which actually has a table comparing the specs between the FE-20 and FE370 and FE360 which were announced last week. Find the differences and become the next Sherlock Holmes :)

Read the rest of "New Olympus FE-20 sneaks in the entry-level as well"...

Sunday, August 24, 2008

New Olympus Stylus 1050SW and 1040

Olympus continues to add new models to its Stylus line-up and this explains the hole in the numberic sequence when the Stylus 1060 was announced a few days ago!

Meet the Stylus 1050SW

We start with the brand new 1050SW, which follows up on the 1030SW which was announced at PMA 2008. Yes, a six month cycle, although the models will likely run together for a while before the older model disappears.

Press release from Olympus USA at the Imaging Insider.

Needless to say, the camera has the 10mp 1/2.33" sensor, but adds a 3D accelerometer with tap controls which will make it a popular model among Engadget fans.

As usual it has shockproofness, waterproofness, freezeproofness, but no idiotproofness yet :)

Comes with xD plus a microSD adapter. The battery is obviously a LiIon LI-42B, and it will come out in October for about $300. Available forpre-ordering in five colors at Amazon with an October 31 estimated shipping date.

Meet the Stylus 1040
Meanwhile the new 1040 (press release at Insider, offers the slimmest yet Stylus camera. This is clearly targeting the trendy, fashionable and high-tech crowds as it looks sleeker than the previous "shiny silver" Stylus models. This could give the Sony T-series a run in terms of looks and style.

Needless to say it has a 10mp 1/2.33" sensor, a 3x optical zoom lens, 2.7" LCD, TruePIC, but no image stabilization, and no PSAM. The LI-42B lion battery is estimated at 180 CIPA. Memory card is the xD with microSD with the use of MASD-1.

By continuing to ignore the SD/SDHC memory card, Olympus is risking sales and market share. With things getting more and more competitive, the xD card is short-circuiting the Olympus model chances when the consumers compare them with dozens of other models from the competition that support SD/SDHC/MMC.

Unlike Sony with its proprietary Memory Stick Pro Duo, Olympus has neither the clout nor the vertical product line to support a memory card format that exists for just Olympus and select Fuji digital cameras. This just does not compute!

Read the rest of "New Olympus Stylus 1050SW and 1040"...

Bargain alert! Ricoh GX100 with external viewfinder at $480

While Canon 50D buzz is dominating the Rumoralia world, in the Bargainalia world, Adorama is taking the lead with a nice deal on the GX100 + VF1 external viewfinder for $480 with free shipping. The VF1 (external viewfinder) alone costs about $165.

Ricoh has released a follow-up, the GX200, while the new Panasonic LX3 and RAW-crippled Nikon P6000 are also competing in this segment for about the same price.

For a partial list of GX100 reviews be sure to check the Power Compacts Review Matrix. The list includes dpreview, TR, PhoBlog, Reid Reviews (subscribers only), and a shootout at Serious Compacts among others.

Read the rest of "Bargain alert! Ricoh GX100 with external viewfinder at $480"...

Noisy Round-up: Leaks, Rumors and Photo-Walks

[in fake Wolf Blitzer voice]... At this hour, we have more Canon 50D rumors leaks rumors, Leica Cinema rumors, D90 action, and moooore. But first, our internet correspondent, iNoisy looks at pictures from the weekend world-wide photowalks.

Photographer Scott Duffy participated in not one, but two photo-walks this weekend. Here are some of his pictures. More at Pixelated Image.

The Insider points us to more images from the Scott Kelby world-wide photowalk, including all the images tagged so on Flickr.

Breaking News Update!
Photographer Lawrence Ripsher has just posted his Panasonic LX3 review. Conclusions are on page four for those who can't wait to find out what he found out!

The Canon 50D Noise gets louder - fact or fiction?
Bob Atkins has front and back Canon 50D body pictures, coming from the Olympic leak in China.

And a Canon Japan Japanese website leak has generated a lot more buzz, here is wall to wall coverage at Neutral Day, including a number of sample pictures from the camera and of the camera via Canon Japan leakage. There we also learn of the relationship between the 40D and 50D. And is the 50D a D300 killer?

The rumors/leak comes from a Japanese site,, hosted by MediaTemple. These things can get confusing in the first few hours, since things can get lost in the (computer) translation. For example, the website may not be hosted by Canon Japan, but that doesn't necessarily mean that the leaked information is not factual.

If you find all these frustrating, it's best to wait for when (or if) there is an official announcent. If not, then keep on reading :)

Meanwhile Photography Bay is pointing us to an official 50D sample via Canon Japan, along with body pictures. It looks like the Canon 50D is on a fast-track from rumor to reality...

...while the Canon 5D Mark II (or 7D) has had a rumor lifecycle that is longer than the actual product lifecycle of most DSLRs out there! Interesting eh?

Wall to wall discussions of all these, and whether this is legit or not, in the Canon dpreview forum.

And part of the above leak-athon at Dog-Cr (Dog Creative) there are four alleged Powershots, Canon Rumors summarizes them. If these are so, it looks like Canon is coming up with a new naming scheme for its entry-level AA-based models. Still no word on Canon G9 or S5-IS replacements or follow-ups.

Canon 50D Buzz makes it to TechMeme Frontpage
The buzz in the photo-blogo-sphere around the 50D has picked up enough momentum to make it on the front page of TechMeme!

Read the rest of "Noisy Round-up: Leaks, Rumors and Photo-Walks"...

Emerging Trends: None-of-the-above and Weddings

In this new segment, we try to spotlight some emerging trends that may (or may not) help the working photographer, and particularly photographers who want to explore new niches or jump into a new niche ahead of the competition.

First up, a new group of people may be starting to develop a (group) identity, and an understanding of this may help wedding and event photographers to dive into this niche. On a recent interview on Larry King, HBO troublemaker Bill Maher mentioned that about 16% of the population does not belong to any religious group or non-religious group (eg atheists). While this is a small number as a percentage, it represents a sizable chunk of the overall market. 16% of trillions is still a lot of money.

Of course there is no guarantee that this group will indeed emerge and develop its own identity over time, but if it does, the photographers who jump in early and "understand" the needs and sensitivities of this group can build up a long list of assignments.

Next up, we have non-different-gender weddings. This is another emerging market and because of the social issues and controversy surrounding this issue, a number of photographers are avoiding this segment. This creates an opportunity for the photographers who are willing and able to dive into this segment, and understand the needs and sensitivities of their clients. Since a number of churches are allergic to non-different-gender weddings, photographers should be prepared to shoot in non-traditional settings.

Deciding on whether to test this market depends on many factors, including geographic location - generally larger cities, college towns and socially-progressive regions seem to be the best suited regions. On the other hand, if one lives in a small town full of "squelchers" ("Creative Class" reference), they may risk losing their current business if they venture into "alternative" markets.

Read the rest of "Emerging Trends: None-of-the-above and Weddings"...

Week in Review (August 17-24)

Welcome to another weekly rewind. Let's see what happened in the last seven days! We continue with the spartan recap style instead of the wordy recaps - voted by readers like you!

New CamerasHot Topics
New Ricoh R10
New Olympus Stylus 1060, FE-370 and FE-360
New Casio EX-Z300, Z250, Z85 and Z19
160+ New Digital Cameras this year
Lenovo W700 photographer's laptop
Canon 1Ds review at dpreview
Interview with Micro Four Thirds Olympus
Micro Four Thirds Reactions Pt #3
Book Review: "China Naked" by Frank Rothe

The MarketRumors
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Top Sellers (Thursday)
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Weekend Shopper
Canon 50D rumors and Canon China Leak
Something Big from Nikon
48-hour news round-up
Photokina Rumors
Canon + Leica rumor?
Rumor Round-up
Sony Alpha A900 in mid-September?

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Nikon D700 Daily Roundup Part II
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Luminous DVD makes it to Calumet
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New Sigma DP1 and Lumix FZ28 reviews
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Read the rest of "Week in Review (August 17-24)"...

Friday, August 22, 2008

Something very big is coming from Nikon - says Nikon

Something big is coming from Nikon. And that's Nikon saying it! is pointing to an ad in the latest issue of Rangefinder magazine. More at Photography Bay and Neutral Day.

The ad does not give details, which opens the floor for speculation! The leading speculation is of course a flagship Nikon "D3x" or "D4" 35mm full frame DSLR, but considering the choice of the medium (Rangefinder magazine), one can also make the case that this could be a digital rangefinder. On the other hand the event promoted is targeting wedding photographers which is pointing to more of a 35mm flagship DSLR so wedding photogs can print planet-size wedding photos :) And of course the world would end if we did not mention the MM - the Mythical Modular - as a long-shot long-shot.

Reactions in the Forums
The Nikon dpreview forum is discussing this.

And a forum user makes a case for a Nikon SP-D digital rangefinder.

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Weekend Shopper: 4gb SD for $10, bags, Sony A700H, and more!

It must be Friday, because it's time for the Weekend Shopper! Hide your wallets now! These deals are too tempting to pass up :)

We start with a popular deal from last week making a comeback: The 4gb Sandisk SDHC SDSD4GBHC memory card is on sale for $10 at Abe's of Maine. This special price is good until Sunday night, then it returns to its regular price. This puts the price at a $2.50 per gigabyte. Also at $10 they offer a Sandisk 4gb USB drive.

Fizzle the temptation! The Panasonic TZ5K is now down to $260 at Amazon, a drop of about $17 since yesterday when we posted the Top Seller Charts round-up.
It's not shipping yet, but if you have your eye out for the silver Panasonic FZ28, it is currently on pre-order sale at Amazon for $365, down from $400. This comes hot on the heels of its review at Trusted Reviews. Discussion at RAWsumer.

Sony-Minolta fans are eagerly awaiting the announcement of their highly anticipated Alpha A900 flagship, but you can't take pictures with future-cams. Those looking for something right here, right now, may be interested in the newly discounted Sony A700H (A700 + 18-200 Sony lens) going for just $1300 at Sony Style. For a list of A700 reviews, be sure to check the DSLR Reviews Organizer Map.

Next we move to Adorama where we find two nice camera bag deals, good for the whole week. First the Lowepro SlingShot 350 AW Backpack which has an all-weather cover and hypalon SlipLock loops on sale for $145 and with free shipping. There's enough room for a 15.4" laptop in there, but you probably won't be able to fit in a Lenovo Thinkpad W700... That's for the big stuff, how about the small cameras? There's the black Lowepro Slider 30, a padded pouch for small compact digital cameras. The price is $7 plus shipping.

You may find their TV commercials annoying, but their prices are not: offers the folded optics Optio Z10 from Pentax for $140 with free shipping. If you are not familiar with this camera, be sure to check out the different reviews. Folded optics usually mean trade-offs and compromises... Meanwhile the gray Casio EX-Z1080 in on sale for $170 + free ship. And by "ship" we mean shipping, you don't get an actual ship :)

This post will be updated throughout the weekend as we find more interesting specials. Be sure to bookmark it for quick reference!

You can also support this blog by making your purchases through the Noisy Mall or making a donation.

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