Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Catching up with the latest (new Casios, E520 review)

The last 48 hours have been quite busy, we went into burst-mode, so here is a recap of what has happened for those who are just now catching up!

Two back to back dpreview reviews
Simon Joinson reviewed the 35mm DSLR flagship, the Canon 1Ds Mark III.

But dpreview is keeping busy, Richard Butler has just sung posted this Olympus E520 review. Jump to page #32 for the conclusion if you can't wait! Is it a Croatian camera? :-)

New Cameras from Casio, Ricoh and Olympus

Controversial (?) Book Review
We even surprised ourselves with this pick, but the timing (read: Olympics) was perfect for a review of Frank Rothe's China Naked. The book has people without clothes on. The review does not :)

Micro Four Thirds buzz continues strong
We have another blog and forum round-up of discussions and reactions on Micro Four Thirds. There's even one CDI forums rumor that talks of the mythical Digital Pen.

Rumors Galore
Rumors have been all over the place, from a Canon 50D in Hawai'i, to Leica rebranding Canons and of course a constant stream of Nikon rumoralia.

Muscle-Photographer's Laptop?
We finally found time and space for a round-up of the new Lenovo W700, the first laptop with embedded (built-in) Wacom digitizer and Pantone Color sensor.

More? Check the Situation Room
For more, be sure to check the remodeled Situation Room, now with multiple types of "LCDs" but we can't afford a host with a beard or a tall angry camera analyst ;-)


mrsfixit said...

My brain works in mysterious ways... LOL

Aside from the slightly more interesting news on the DSLR front, what pops into my head when I read about more of these me too cams is "Nothing to see here. Move along now...".

Yeah, I'm weird. ;-)

1001 noisy cameras said...

LOL. It makes perfect sense. It seems like they are moving to six-month cycles which just doesn't make sense since the differences are mostly incremental. I'm sure they could offer "digital makeup" or "Facebook mode" via a firmware update! No need to release a new camera!

All the waves and waves of new clones are taking the fun out of covering them!