Saturday, August 9, 2008

A590 IS and Digital Rebel XSi lead the way (New Top Seller Camera Charts update)

Welcome to a new edition of the top selling digital camera charts! Dive right in, check the latest top selling digital camera charts right now! Screen-shot teasers and spoilers follow right below!

Canon days
New Highs and new lows for the D-Rebel XSi 450d! It has a new high, the #2 spot in the Chart, just a step away from the #1. And it was a new low, low price of $699 that is. It looks like the XSi 450D is winning more "purchase decision trade-offs" versus the XTi 400D and the 40D, and the other brands of course.

The ultimate AA-based P&S bargain is the Canon A590-IS, dropping in price to $140, making it a superserious bargain for that price. PSAM, IS, AA, SD, A-series features, what else can you ask for under $150?

Olympic Party
Olympus is perhaps capitalizing on the Olympics ;-) It manages to have a second camera in the top 20. Of course the more likely reason is a $20 discount, which mvoes the Stylus 1030SW silver at just under $320. Now if it actually took SD/MMC cards, imagine all the extra sales!

HyperZoom Wars
The Panasonic FZ18 manages to create some separation, mainly because the Sony H50 tanked as the tempting discount went away... Infact, the next hyperzoom is outside the top 40, and it is the Nikon P80 which is failing to "sell" on a favorable price and free 2gb card. And the P80 doesn't even have to deal with the negative publicity Nikon is getting with the scandalous way they are offering RAW in the brand new Coolpix P6000... The Sony H50 is right behind it, crashing to #45 after its 15-minutes of fame ended... The Olympus SP-570uz is showing consistency, consistency in straddling the Top 50 line, and usually being #4 among the hyperzoom ranks. But to its defense, it costs more!

A $60 "generic" has its fans
If you are photography-brand purists, be sure to skip this paragraph! The Norcent DCC-725, which sounds more like a "red shirt" space-ship from Star Trek, is down to $60, and that price is tempting enough to put this camera in the Top 25. This looks a little bit like all the other "entry level" cameras by the major manufacturers, but it is not "blessed" by a brand name sticker. It states 7-megapixels and a 3x optical zoom lens. This is about $20 cheaper than the Kodak equivalents of C713 and C813, but $20 off an $80 camera is 25% less! To add to the temptation, Amazon is offering a free 1gb SD card for cameras sold and shipped by Amazon itself...

But not to be outdone, the Kodak C813 is now at #25, selling for $88. So much for exiting the entry-level market. Perhaps what Kodak meant was that they were exiting the entry-level market, and entering the near-free market :)

Beyond Canon and Nikon DSLRs
Sony manages to grab the top spot with the Alpha A200 2-lens kit, being offered at the tempting price of $600. Compared to the hot selling Digital Rebel XSi 450D, the A200 kit includes two lenses, costs $100 less, and offers sensor-shift stabilization with just about every lens attached. But doesn't say Canon :)

Next in line we find the Olympus E510 2-lens kit, selling for a similar price, just a few bills under $600 through various 3rd party retailers. Also with sensor-shift stabilization.

Nikon D700 Watch
Even though not shipping by Amazon itself (estimated September 5), pre-orders and sales through 3rd party sellers are enough to keep the Nikon D700 in the Top 100. In fact it has gone from #94 to #84 and now at #79. And we are talking about a $3000 camera competing mostly with cameras under $300!

The LX3 sample images must be encouraging because the Panasonic LX3K is back in the Top 100 on the strength of pre-orders alone. This is no easy feat, since we are not talking about a Canon or Nikon camera here, but one from an "appliance maker"

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