Sunday, August 17, 2008

Ashton Kutcher we love you (New Top Sellers Charts)

And by "we" we mean the Nikon Coolpix cameras, not "we" the blog :) The combination of a discount with the nearing of the expiration of the free memory card promotion has given the Coolpix models an unpredecented push into the Top 25, a place that is typically rarified air for Nikon non-DSLRs. Details at the new Top Sellers Chart. Screen-shot teaser and faux-analysis follows!

Sony makes a strong comeback!
Back to back $10 discounts was just what the doctor ordered, and the Sony Cybershot S730 finds itself in the Top 15, something that used to be common for the Cybershots. At this rate, the MemorySticks are going to cost more than the actual entry-level Sony P&S model :)

Meanwhile the W300 is getting "discovered" after a series of positive reviews hit the internets in the last few days. Luminous, Imaging Resource and others have posted their reviews. Was this camera hiding under a rock all this time? The answer is no. The reason is that the camera market is overflowing with new models, but the camera reviewers are not allowed to clone themselves legally. We've already had 150+ new models in 2008 alone!

New Hyperzoom Top Model
We have a new Hyperzoom King/Queen! It's the Nikon P80! Move over Panasonic FZ18! In a rare alignment of the planets, the FZ18 has ran out of stock at the favorite sub-$300 price, and the P80 jumped on the discount and end of the free memory promotion. At least this Coolpix doesn't pretend to have RAW ;-)

The #2 spot belongs to the Sony H50, which finds itself just outside the top 40, followed closely by the Olympus SP570uz which has RAW. The former #1 of the last few weeks is down towards the bottom of the Top 50 and with good reason, the price has gone up by $100 (what we call a "price stop") as it runs out of stock from more places while the FZ28 is shyly starting to ship. Meanwhile at the bottom of the Top 100 we find the Fuji S8100fd making a comeback at a reasonable price of around $330. There are so many Fuji superzooms these days, we are planning a special to "organize" them.

Beyond Canon-Nikon DSLR
The Olympus E510 two-lens kit leads the way, but towards the bottom of the Top 75. It is quite possibly the best bang for the buck DSLR kit considering the two lenses tailored to the sensor and the sensor-shift image stabilization... And sadly that's the only one in this edition of the Top 100.

Olympus party
Meanwhile Olympus and the Olympics continue to go hand in hand, so much so that Amazon has ran out of 1030SW silver models and estimates a 1 to 2 month delay.

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