Sunday, August 24, 2008

Bargain alert! Ricoh GX100 with external viewfinder at $480

While Canon 50D buzz is dominating the Rumoralia world, in the Bargainalia world, Adorama is taking the lead with a nice deal on the GX100 + VF1 external viewfinder for $480 with free shipping. The VF1 (external viewfinder) alone costs about $165.

Ricoh has released a follow-up, the GX200, while the new Panasonic LX3 and RAW-crippled Nikon P6000 are also competing in this segment for about the same price.

For a partial list of GX100 reviews be sure to check the Power Compacts Review Matrix. The list includes dpreview, TR, PhoBlog, Reid Reviews (subscribers only), and a shootout at Serious Compacts among others.

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