Monday, August 11, 2008

Beyond rumors? Nikon D90 and 18-105 VR lens "priced"

Nikon Rumors has just informed us they have an eyewitness tip they received from an electronics superstore source that shows the D90 + 18-105mm VR lens in their system. And it shows a price! We won't reveal the price, check NikonRumors for the scoop!

This opens it up for Nikon pundits to try to figure out how much will the rumored-upcoming 18-105mm VR lens cost on its own, and how much will the D90 body only cost? And how much of a kit discount is the D90+18-105VR offering? And how much when (or if) combined with the standard 18-55 DX VR lens? And what of the other "mid-range" lens, the 18-135 DX?

For more D90 rumoralia, be sure to check our D90 rumor round-up of last week.

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