Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Canon 50D initial reactions in the blogs and in the forums

After a short rumoralia-lifecycle, the Canon 50D was announced a few hours ago. So what are the initial reactions so far? We start with the websites and blogs and then dive into the forums.

Reactions in the photo-blogosphere
The Underexposed blog analyzes the new DSLR specs and talks noise, Live View, Nikon, new lens, and 50D concerns.

TWIP Photo summarizes the new 50D. And points out to the digital camera manufacturers that they better start paying more attention to blogs and online communities. And we couldn't agree with them more! Because by the time the 50D news is printed in a paper magazines, rumors of the 60D or 45D will be buzzing :)

Luminous recaps the specs and pixel pitch size, face detection and mirror lock up.

No trash-talking by the Nikonians, they simply recap the main specs.

Wait for the samples says Neutral Day.

Where is my new 5D asks The Digital Story. It's still a Digital Rumor, three years in the making :(

"I may not buy the 50D" says photographer Scott Duffy. Why??????

Reactions in the Canon dpreview forums
We start with the discussion of the official announcement publication.

Let the comparo-debates begin! D300 vs 50D, forum-style.

Canon Japan has posted sample pictures. But the picture reviews are tough!

Hold on says one forum user. There are differences between the 40D and 50D autofocus systems.

Some 40D users are not happy with the release cycles. It's a Big Yawn says a 50D bear. Go away bears says this bull. The 50D is a new era.

Eggcited or scrambled over the 50D? You opine!

Hello, where is the D700 killer asks one forum user.

Reactions in the competitor's dpreview forums
Perhaps distracted by the stream of D90 leaks, there's very little talk in the Nikon D80-D40 forum. Meanwhile the D300-D100 forum has some harsh words for the 50D pixel binning and ISO 12800. Meanwhile a 100+ thread is discussing the official 50D announcement.

And now to the Sonoltalphans. What do they think? It's our time say the Pentaxians. Meanwhile the Olympians are not talking 50D, perhaps distracted by Micro Four Thirds and new Olympus E30 rumors.

Reactions at Fred Miranda
The administrators are Fred Miranda has created a master 50D thread to get things organized. They also created a thread for 18-200 IS EF-S lens discussions.

Stop the complaints! The 50D is not a 40D replacement. Stop the hatorade says another thread.

But if the new cameras are too old for you, there is always future talk. And how about future lenses?. And how about a 5D replacement?

Reactions on other forums
Brew a giant pot of coffee! This thread has almost 300 replies at Photography On The Net (POTN). Yes, three hundred almost!

And the obligatory 50D vs D300 comparison. Under 50 posts at the moment, so it's a more manageable read. Just half a pot of coffee, mix in some decaf too :)

And we have a summary-translated first 50D review discussed. The review itself is posted in Swedish by nature photographer Brutus Östling.

The 50D is here and discussed at the Luminous Landscape forums.

A trio of busy threads are spotlighted at Photo.net. A combined total of 230 messages, so be sure to brew a 10-cup pot of coffee if you plan to go through the whole lot!

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