Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Canon 50D pre-orders are starting up

The Canon 50D was just announced today but the online retailers are already catching up and offering 50D pre-orders.

We start with Calumet Photo, which offers the 50D body only for $1400. Search for "Canon 50D" at the Calumet site or search for product code "EC2750WL". There is no shipping estimate provided.

Listed, but not available for pre-ordering is B&H Photo. It is their standard not to take pre-orders. But rest assured we will notify you when we notice that B&H Photo has started shipping the 50D. They list the 50D body only for $1400 and the 50D + EF 28-135 for $1600. And a new kit, the 50d with the 18-200 IS EF-S lens for $1700. B&H Photo estimates arrival in October.

We will have more updates as we notice more stores featuring the 50D. To stay updated with all our updates, make sure you bookmark this page or visit the new 50D vs D90 Pre-Orders War.

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