Friday, August 1, 2008

Canon G9 drops out, 40D kit gets discounted again (New Top Seller Charts)

Welcome to a new episode of our digital camera top sellers soap opera! Jump right ahead, and see the new top sellers charts! Also check the bottom of this post for an update on the full-text feed of the Charts. Teaser screen-shot and spoilers-analysis follow:

Canon G9 drops out of Top 25! Supply issues have plagued the Canon G9, and for the first time since the beginning of time, the Canon G9 is out of the Top 25! It has fallen all the way to #34, with the best price being $480 via Crutchfield. Oh my!!! Canon, do something!!! How close are we to the G10 and when announced, how soon will it become available???

Canon Digital Rebels: A new discount pushes the Digital Rebel XSi 450D IS kit down to $765, making it even more tempting compared to the other Canon dSLRs above and below it... Adding more fuel to the fire, the XSi 450D body only has dropped down to $678, making it an interesting alternative for those who do not want or need the EF-S IS kit lens. But it's an IS lens at a kit price!

Canon DSLRs: Instant rebates are so passe if you are a fan of the Canon 40D + EF 28-135! The DSLR is back to its "instant rebate" price of $1140, and this tempting price was good enough to propel it into the Top 15, all the way from the bottom of the Top 50. A price drop of $160 will certainly have this effect... On the other hand, the 40D body only has not been discounted to "instant rebate" levels, and a price of $970 vs $1140 tends to favor the EF 28-135mm kit. The lens itself goes for around $400 on its own, so you are essentially getting it at half price. Assuming of course you actually need the lens or have a way to "monetize" it (trade, sell, etc).

Nikon DSLRs: The D700 body only has started shipping, and even though it's not shipping from Amazon itself, it is shipping from other featured 3rd party sellers at Amazon. These alone were enough to propel it back in the Top 100, currently at #94... Business as usual with the other Nikon DSLRs, with the D60 and D40 kits leading the way, and the D300 kits being relatively consistent despite their higher prices.

Beyond CaNiKoN DSLRs: Not a good day for them here, the only one left in the top 100 is the Pentax K200D, all the way down to #87, at the post-rebate price of $650.

SuperZoom Wars: Panasonic has managed to blitz the Top 25 with (count it) four superzooms of their own, two TZ5 colors, the TZ4K, and the FZ18K. These blitz the two Canon superzooms in the top 25, the S5-IS and the SX-100-IS, both awaiting for their Photokina replacements.

HyperZoom Wars: The "magic price" is gone, and at $300 the Panasonic FZ18 has dropped to #22, which is still a safe distance from the #2 hyperzoom, the Sony H50, which has just entered the Top 40, leap-frogging the Nikon P80, which drops to #45, despite a favorable price ($330) and a free 2gb SD card... The #4 spot belongs to the Olympus SP-570uz, which flirted with the $400 price point, but then bounced upwards, currently at $410+

Point and Shoots: The Canon A590-IS reaches a new high in the Top 25, taking over the #2 spot, and it's just a discount away from wrestling away the #1 spot from the pesky Elph Ixus Ixy models... Hooray for Olympus! The water-friendly Stylus 770SW went to New Hampshire and found its voice at $200. It's back in the Top Ten... And what won't a low price do? The Samsung S860 black is down to $90 and that has managed to earn Samsung a real honor, a Top 25 presence. In fact the $90 price is tempting enough that three S860 colors are in the Top 50... The Sony W120/B is knocking on the Top 25 door, and it looks like if it can stay in-stock at $180, it will return to the Top 25, ending an embarrassing streak for Sony of not having a single digital camera in the Top 25...

The Top Sellers Charts is now publishing a full-text feed!
The Digital Camera Top Sellers Chart is now publishing a full-text feed! So if you don't want to read all the blah-blah, but just want to see the Top 100, be sure to  subscribe to the full-text Top Sellers feed. It syndicates the ten most recent posts, which allows it to remain small in size, and under the 512K limit of Feedburner.

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