Monday, August 4, 2008

Canon G9 returns to the Top 25 at $430 (new Top Selling Camera Charts)

Welcome to a new installment of our on-going market watch that is the Amazon Top Selling Digital Camera Charts. Find out about the latest trends before everyone else! And it's all FREE! Avoid the spoilers below, jump right now and check the latest top selling digital cameras chart!

Following is a screen-shot teaser, and some of the highlights and trends we saw in this edition. Stop reading if you want to avoid any spoilers!!!

Top Stories
The big Digital Rebel XSi 450D discount you've been hearing about in the forums is here! The XSi 450D kit now sells for $710, making it much more competitive price-wise with the competition. And that puts this DSLR kit in the Top Five, followed by the 40D + EF28-135 kit which has "re-discovered" its instant rebate price of around $1150.

Order is restored in the universe as the Canon G9 returns to Amazon for the "comfortable" price of $430, down $50 from the price that got it kicked out of the Top 25. Buyers are price-sensitive even if you are a top Canon model :)

But it's not a bed roses but rather a crown of thorns for Canon, as their other iconic non-DSLR, the S5-IS is now kicked out of the top 25 for the first time in quite a while, also due to supply issues. What's the frequency Canon? :)

Olympus fans can be excited once again, as the Stylus 770SW manages to remain in Top Ten. It looks like $200 is a magic price for this model. Now imagine if it had support for SD/MMC memory cards, it could even give some of the Powershots a run for their money. Olympus, are you listening, or do you need Olympus-branded hearing aids? ;-)

The Nikon D700 body only is currently sitting at #84, on the strength of pre-orders and sales through 3rd party sellers. Amazon itself, expects to have it in-stock in about a month, September 5. Oh my! One month!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

More, More, More!
In the HyperZoom Wars, the price jump from $293 to $300 was once again enough to drop the FZ18 towards the bottom of the Top 20. This works like clockwork with the FZ18, as if out of a Ron Paul speech on the self-regulating power of the Market ;-)... But the comfortable lead is over, discounts on the Sony H50 have pushed it into the Top 25, and infact the Cybershot H50 is just one spot behind the FZ18, making the [Top HyperZoom] race exciting... The Nikon P80 holds the #3 spot as it manages to return to the Top 30 with a favorable price ($330) and a 2gb freebie SD card... The Olympus SP-570uz manages to re-enter the Top 50, and holds on to the #4 spot among the HyperZoomies.

The attack of the multi-color Powershot clones! Four, yes, four clones of the Canon SD1100-IS are inside the Top 25! Oh mercy! The cameras are selling just over $200 at the moment, and approaching the psychological barrier of $200, which I'm sure will only increase their sales.

It may not have Image Stabilization, but the Fuji S1000fd has something the image stabilized SuperZooms don't have: A price tag under $200 and combined with the free 2gb SD card promo at Amazon, it looks like a surefire candidate to make a Top 25 debut the next time we post a top sellers update.

In the "beyond C-N DSLRs" segment, we find the Olympus E510 2-lens kit leading the way with a price of just under $600, just barely inside the Top 75.

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