Saturday, August 2, 2008

Cheap tripods and monopods right now (Beat the Bears!)

If you are in the market for a cheap (or backup or throwaround or throwaway) monopod or tripod, keep reading! By "beat the bears" we mean the ecomony and stock market blues, we are not suggesting that you challenge a bear in the woods into a fight using a monopod!

We start with the Vanguard MP-2 Monopod with Ball Panhead, extending to 56" and weighing half a pound. Be like Gandalf and carry the monopod everywhere you go! The Amazon price is $17 so be sure to add at least $8 more to get free shipping and handling. You can even add a gift certificate for the difference if you are a regular Amazon shopper, and you can use the certificate for your next purchase.

Next we have the Targus TGT-66TR 66-Inch Tripod with Double Bubble Level, going for $21. This has 3-way fluid panhead, quick release plate, bubble level, and quick release leg locks according to the specs. It comes with a carrying case.

At the risk of sounding like a master of the obvious, please note that one should not reasonably expect the same level of performance, precision and durability from a $20 monopod or tripod versus a $500 tripod or monopod.

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