Saturday, August 30, 2008

DSLRs under attack: The RED howls at the mirror

You can't swing a mouse cord these days without reading about a new threat to 35mm DSLR's mainframe dominance among the majority of advanced photographers. Sure there is medium and large format and exotic rangefinders, but the vast majority of photographers are using traditional 35mm (D)SLRs.

But our favorite mirror slappers are under attack. First it was Micro Four Thirds, then earlier today the Samsung Hybrid, and now the RED Chief is barking in the direction of DSLRs.

RED is mostly into high-quality digital video but the convergence of technologies is allowing them to expand their Venn diagram into still photography.

RED on the Net
By RED CEO via Engadget via Canon Rumors via Camera Rumors.

Sounds like a Top 40 song artist credit line, except replace "featuring" with "via" :)

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