Monday, August 4, 2008

Fact or Fiction? Fuji Natura Digital F1.9 (wild rumor alert)

If you are allergic to wild rumors, please stop reading this post, and go to the Nikon D700 daily round-up, or the Olympus financial results or the Kodak Z1015-IS having RAW. Wild rumor follows! You have been warned!

Okay, now that we got the uptight people out of the way, let's have some fun!

One of our blog readers, and newly registered dpreview user "zbruce" posted a long comment in the Power Compacts Speculation post (see comment #3 in that post), and in the dpreview Fuji forums, talking about the Fuji Natura Digital F1.9 being announced by Fuji.

Some of the specs he mentions include a 10mp SuperCCD APS-C/DX sensor, 35mm f1.9 lens, $600 price, hot-shoe, DNG support, manual control and things like that. This would certainly be welcome among those who are tired of 1/1.8"-ish sensors and want bright lenses and larger sensors.

A discussion of this has also started at the German forum

We do not know if this is fact or fiction, so please treat this as speculation, wishful thinking or wild rumor. We blog, you decide!

There is a film camera named Fuji Natura f1.9
Do note that there exists a film camera named "FujiFilm Natura Black f1.9". You can read a review of it at More on the film camera at Through the discussion (or Google), you can find the Fuji Japan page for the film Naturas.

With Micro Four Thirds, does this sound more realistic?
With the just-announced Micro Four Thirds format, this may not sound as wild anymore?

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