Tuesday, August 12, 2008

First Panasonic LX3 review by Photography Blog

Panasonic LX3 fans rejoice! The first review-site review of the LX3 has been published by Photography Blog. Using their traditional six-page format, they put the LX3 through the paces!

As always, no revelations of the outcome of the review within the first few fragile hours of the publication, so as not to introduce any bias. Because we are unfair, unbalanced and foxy ;-) If you can't wait, jump to page #6 for the conclusions!

The LX3 LifeCycle so far
  1. The LX3 announcement (wall-to-wall coverage)
  2. Reactions in the blogs
  3. Reactions in the forums
  4. LX3 daily-round up at RAWsumer
  5. New Panasonic pre-orders - LX3 is $500 at Amazon

LX3 Review Reactions
So what does the Lumix world think of the new LX3 and the new review? Let's take a look!

Small Sensor Diary looks at the review, and the various samples from around the net, and forms an early opinion on the LX3 vs LX2 noise performance.

Neutral Day reacts to the review, and summarizes their early opinion on the LX3 as well.

And now we move to the Panasonic dpreview forum, where a 40+ post thread is discussing the review. Opinions vary as usual, and everything is analyzed. This is a manageable sized thread if you prepare a cup of coffee or tea. Probably iced :)


Juha Haataja said...

Thanks for pointing this nice and detailed review out. No big surprises, but not big disappointments either. Now we need to see whether Canon G10 will be annouced or not...

1001 noisy cameras said...

Indeed, things are going to heat up. Canon surely must have at least a G9-replacement! Maybe we can get a couple of pleasant surprises as well, from Canon or others!

doonster said...

They weren't on a good start with 2 errors on the front page (stating the sensor is 16:9 ratio, it's not and then later saying there is no wide converter - actually no tele converter).

No RAW analysis (RAW type, pictures across many scenarios, conversion software), apparantly minimal frames shot. For a camera acknowledged as targetting the serious shooter, very little serious shooting was done at all.

Juha Haataja said...

Returning to this topic - have you looked at the image samples of Sony DSC-W300? The sensor is 13.6 megapixels (1/1.7 inch). Compared to LX3, it doesn't do at all badly.

Even though the W300 has some noise, it is reasonably clean even at ISO 400-800. Some reviewers - Luminous Landscape, dpexpert and Imaging Resource - even claim that ISO 1600 is usable, and it doesn't seem to be too bad. On the other hand, there are other reviewers who are not so enthusiastic about the image quality.

1001 noisy cameras said...

Sometimes Sony uses a sensor early in one of their own cameras early (eg P150) and then come up with a new camera (eg P200) and give it to the other manufacturers. From what I faintly recall the P200 did better than the P150, so there is promise if a similar scenario plays out with the W300 sensor and newer/future camera/sensors at Photokina.

Maybe they should take the W300 sensor and put it in a V-series-like model (with real RAW) and go head to head with the LX3, P6000, G9 (G10), etc!