Saturday, August 9, 2008

Housekeeping update

During this weekend we will try to clean up this blog and "shorten" the two sidebars since they are getting longer and longer and longer. We'll also try to remove stuff to improve loading time and blog size. If you have any suggestions or recommendations, please let us know. Do note that usually for every three things we remove, we add four new ones, which is why this blog keeps getting longer ;-) If any of your favorite items in the sidebars are gone, please let us know!

Those reading the full-text RSS feed may have noticed a paragraph at the end of each post about a splogging website republishing our full-text feed without permission. We decided to post a message instead of temporarily switching to a short-feed, that way it won't interrupt the workflow of our RSS readers. You may have also noticed the [permalinks] appearing in each post. This is also part of the anti-splogging effort. Because we have nothing better to do than fight off sploggers!

And speaking of RSS feeds, you too can subscribe, it's FREE!

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Housekeeping-update update

Some of the changes made:
  • The most noticeable change we made was that we moved the Blog Archives from the bottom of the right column, to the bottom of the middle column. This allowed us to get rid of the four "most recent posts" link blocks since they are now replaced by the Blog Archives, which free up space in the right sidebar. You can collapse or expand each month by clicking on the arrow right before the month's name.
  • Removed or merged some items from the left and right sidebars
  • Switched some items from the right sidebar to the left sidebar to balance their heights
  • Added only one thing, in the left sidebar, the "15mp abominations", which spotlights the new 15-megapixel compact digital cameras with 1/1.72" sensors. More on those later!
  • increased font size of individual blog titles to make them easier to stand out
  • added gray background to blog name at the top, and thus removing one "HR", which shaves a line off the blog's height :-)

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