Monday, August 18, 2008

Impact review: Canon 1Ds Mark III at dpreview

The grand-daddy of review sites has just published a review of the grand-daddy of current 35mm DSLRs! Here is the Canon 1Ds Mark III review! Did it earn the coveted and frequently debated "HR"? As always, no spoilers here, you have to jump to page #234 for the conclusions. Okay, it's page #32 :)

The 1Ds Mark III was announced on August 20, 2007, so dpreview managed to squeeze in the review before the one year anniversary :)

The review is written by Simon Joinson and this is the first time that Phil Askey is not the one writing the flagship review as far as we can tell.

Other 1Ds Mk3 Reviews
The review has been added to the 1Ds Mk3 reviews page at the DSLR Reviews Organizer Map, or DSLR Map in short :)

Others reviewing this Canon flagship include, Luminous, The Digital Picture, Ken Rockwell, Outback Photo, Phil Holland and more!

Latest 1Ds Mk III prices
We took a quick look at some of the top online retailers. We start with the bellwether of the market, B&H Photo where we find this dSLR at $7800 and in-stock. Then we move across town to Adorama where we also find a price of $7800.

Amazon, which features a large number of reputable (and not so reputable) 3rd party sellers, has a price of $8000 among widely recognizable retailers, such as Amazon itself, Cameta, Adorama, J&R World, 17th Street, and Calumet. Did they all know the review was coming and returned to the list price? :)

Reactions to the review
The review was just recently posted, so the reactions are just starting to come up. There are two main threads in the Canon 1D* forum at dpreview, and the review author (Simon Joinson) is responding to user questions, criticism and the mandatory grumbling and whining :) Here is review discussion #1 and review discussion #2.

Is this the end of non-DSLR reviews at dpreview asks one dpreview forum user.

Now we fly away from dpreview, and onto the rest of the photo-forum-sphere, where an EOS discussion has sprung up. Be sure to read post #2 after you read the review.

A busy thread is bubbling at Fred Miranda with over 20 posts already. Spoiler alert: Who is a demanding lens diva?

And now to a Canon-leaning site, a new thread has started at POTN (Photography on the Net) discussing the review.

Not related to the review, but this Luminous forum user ERRs 01. What???

And right before the review was posted, a Fred Miranda user decided to test D3 vs 5D vs 1DsMk3 in a ...furnishings/interior design scenario! Which is the noisiest pillow? And how can you sleep at night knowing your pillow is noisy? ;-)

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