Thursday, August 21, 2008

It's a Canon World after all (New Top Selling Camera Charts update)

Why read the Top Seller Chart? It's fun, it's geeky, it's gadgety. Furthermore, you can also notice patterns ahead of time. Regular readers of The Charts noticed the Canon G9 supply issues a couple of weeks ago, and lo-and-behold this week the G9 is marked as discontinued at B&H Photo. But remember, this is not a $3,000 IDC report, you get what you pay for ;-)

So jump aboard the Charts Express and check out the latest top selling digital camera charts.

Canon is playing Rebel Games! Down $50 is the D-Rebel 400D XTi, and at $580 it makes itself an interesting alternative to the $700 XSi 450D kit. But the XSi is newer and has an IS EF-S kit lens instead of a non-IS EF-S kit lens.

Not one, not two, not three, but four different SD1100-IS color models are in the Top 25. But the multiple models are diverting sales, so that makes it harder for one of them to break away and grab the #1 spot, which is now owned by the A590-IS which at around $145 makes a very strong case for the most bang for the buck digital camera.

With the FZ18 out of the way, the battle for the [Top Hyperzoom] spot is getting competitive again. This time the Sony H50 grabs the #1 spot, with the Nikon P80 just four spots behind it. Both are in the bottom of the Top 30... The Olympus SP-570uz as usual trails them while hanging out in the Top 50... The next hyperzoom is the Panasonic FZ28 which is starting to ship from 3rd party sellers, but not yet from Amazon itself...

In the DSLR World beyond Canon and Nikon, we find the Sony A200 kit just one spot ahead of the Olympus E510 two-lens kit, while the Sony A300 kit is just a few spots further down. The bad news is that they are all towards the bottom of the Top 100... And without the $100 GearUp rebate, the Pentax K200D and K20D are not finding as many buyers as one can expect in a price-sensitive market.

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