Monday, August 4, 2008

Kodak shoots self on foot: offers RAW with Z1015-IS, forgets to tell anyone

This is the type of thing (or attitude) that can make or break a company. For a company who has a hard time breaking out of the mid-range, they should have been banging the drums telling everyone that their new camera has RAW.

Instead, we find out only when a dpreview forum user casually points out that the Z1015-IS actually has RAW. The last Kodak camera to offer RAW was the superzoom P712 announced in 2006. For the complete list of RAWsumers from 2002 to 2008, be sure to check the list at RAWsumer.

Going to the Kodak USA webpage for this camera will not say that. You have to go to the Product Support page, find the support page for the Z1015-IS, ignore the links to the PDF files because they are not working, and click on "View in Browser" under the "Extended user guide". From there, under the "Table of Contents", select "#3: Working with pictures and videos", and then click on using the RAW develop feature.

Further proof of RAW is in the Appendix, #8 from the main menu, where it says:

File format - Still: JPEG/EXIF 2.21, RAW; Video: QuickTime, MPEG-4

and further down it says
Compression - Fine, Basic, Standard, RAW

We covered the Z1015-IS when it was announced in July 2008. It is expected to be released later this year with a starting price of $350 (Amazon).

The RAW option makes this a much more interesting superzoom digital camera, as it sets it apart from the other superzooms that don't have RAW. Here is a quick table recapping the new situation!

SuperZooms with RAWSuperZooms without RAW
Panasonic FZ50
Leica V-Lux 1
Panasonic FZ28, FZ18, FZ8
Fuji S100fs, S9100fd (S9600fd)
Olympus SP-570uz, SP-560uz
Casio EX-F1
Kodak Z1015-IS
Canon S5 IS
Canon SX100 IS
Nikon P80
Sony H50, H10
Panasonic TZ5, TZ4
Kodak Z1012-IS, Z8612, Z812, Z712
Fuji S8100fd, S8000fd, S1000fd

The list of new digital cameras of 2008 has been adjusted to include the Kodak Z1015-IS among the RAWsumers. We now have nine (9) new fixed-lens digital cameras announced in 2008 that support RAW natively.

For more, be sure to check out Kodak users discussing this at the EasySharers forum.

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