Friday, August 29, 2008

Labor Day Weekend Shopper (40D, LX3S, T300 and more)

This is a special edition of the Weekend Shopper, with the Labor Day weekend just around the corner! And the retailers are going on the attack with some tempting temptations.

We start with J&R World, where we have these hot specials, good until September 1st:

More and more reputable online retailers are making the 50D and D90 available for pre-ordering. Be sure to check them all out in the 50D vs D90 pre-order wars. One interesting thing to note is that Amazon had briefly listed a 3rd Canon 50D kit, the 50D with the new 18-200 IS EF-S lens for $1700, but as of earlier today that kit has disappeared and its page returns a 404. We saved the ASIN for reference in the pre-order page.

More specials we as find them or as they find us. And remember your purchases through this post/blog, and the Noisy Mall is what supports this blog.

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