Monday, August 25, 2008

Micro Four Thirds Panasonic camera body picture leaked???

German website is pointing to a potential leak via China of pictures of a Panasonic Micro Four Thirds digital camera body! The post and pictures at

There are two pictures shown, one of the front and one of the back of the camera, each picture is about a 400 pixel square. Sigma DP1 anyone? :)

A very interesting discussion is developing in the Olympus dpreview forum. Are those zoom buttons they see? What implications could that have for future designs?

One of our readers pointed out in the comments that there are two more pages of pictures at the Chinese website. Page 2 of pictures shows three body colors, black, black+silver and something that looks like brown-bronze-rust-chocolate. Page 3 of pictures take a peek inside the mount and has another back picture.

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Serious Compacts has an update via a Japanese blog that may be pointing out that the CGI leaked may not be legit.

It looks like we have a Japanese translation in the forums, the pictures at are "dreams of my blog's member". These I am assuming refer to the pictures of the 21mm pancake and 12-42mm lens. Were the Chinese pictures originate from as well? We don't know at this point.

Considering the time zone differences, not 100% accurate computer-translator software and lack of fluent multi-leak-linguals, this can get confusing!

Speculation Segment
As the heading right above suggests, this segment is speculation. One thing to consider is that Panasonic very much knew that they were coming up with Micro Four Thirds when they were also working on the Lumix LX3.

So the question is, did they design the LX3 in a way that it won't be "overshadowed" by their first Micro Four Thirds cameras? Meaning, does the LX3 start at 24mm wide, because the first few MFT lenses may not be going that wide?

As the heading suggests, the speculation segment consists of speculation, not rumors or news!


Anonymous said...

If you look to the source, you will find two more pages with photos

1001 noisy cameras said...

Thanks! I am not good at computer-translated Chinese yet :)

Mikko J. Kalavainen said...

Look! It's not a zoom-switch, it's AN ORIENTATION switch! See, it's got the mystical Square Sensor that the dpreview Oly-forum have had wet dreams about for a year.

Not that it wouldn't be cool as hell, but I fear that Hell will be rather cool, if not frozen, before this actually happens.

Granted, if these were the real deal, these few pictures would probably be the single most exciting bit of camera news in years.

As they said in the distant past; "I WANT TO BELIEVE".
Alas, I can't.

Juha Haataja said...

I also would like to believe! The design is a combination of Canon G9 and Panasonic LX3, with some additional tweaking. It is not quite as slim as it at first seems, but not very thick either. In the back there is an analog wheel like on G9 instead of a joystick, making this a bit more professional tool. But this may never happen...

Amin said...

See also

Very nice looking but can't be real. A 21mm pancake with optical image stabilization? An f/2.4 Summilux?

I can't make out all the meaning via Google translate, but it's pretty clear that the guy who posted these is saying the CGI on Photoscala and DPNet is not real. What's not clear is whether he is the one who did them all.

1001 noisy cameras said...

It's XFiles 3 - The Micro Four Thirds Files :)

Hopefully we will know a lot more in 30 days or probably less!

1001 noisy cameras said...

Thanks for the update Amin! So the CGI is coming from someone not related to or leaked from M 4/3rds?

Amin said...

I think these are the work of an independent Japanese blogger. Can't say for sure though. My Google translated Japanese is only slightly better than my Google translated Chinese. At any rate, this is some good CGI, hopefully not too far off from the products we'll be seeing soon enough!

1001 noisy cameras said...

It looks like a guy in the dpreview forums speaks Japanese and said the pictures at were the imagination of one of his blog members.

So the question is did the pictures at the Chinese originate from exblog, or were the exblog (pancake + zoom lens) derived from the DpNet pictures?

Save us Panasonic, announce it all now :-)

Anonymous said...

Correct me if i'm wrong: micro or not, the main issue regarding fourthirds system is the dimensional PROPORTION of sensor..why change the 35 mm film proportions!??? i am all for new technologies, but photography is about framing the world before anything else. And your don't have 4:3 frame in photography. other than that, this is fantastic news...

1001 noisy cameras said...

That is one of the debated 4/3rds topics. If nothing else, it is an alternative, since there are so many 3:2 options out there already.

Or some math geek thought it would be fun to use the square root of high definition TV :)

Anonymous said...

another potential problem:
is lack of prime lenses among 4/3rds out there. there will be a new line of lenses for M4/3rds, but i am wondering if they will ever include prime lenses. i wouldn't like to end up with a stupid zoom attached to the new body. kills the purpose. i rather go with a high quality p$s if that is the case.

1001 noisy cameras said...

I am guessing that they will probably have some prime lenses, but how long it will take for them to build their lens line-up I don't know.

Unless they are planning a big bang launch (unlikely), they will probably trickle in over time.

That's only my opinion of course, until the M43rds companies say more.