Monday, August 18, 2008

Micro Four Thirds Reactions Part III

Oops, we forgot the intro :) The Micro Four Thirds buzz continues to refuse to go away, despite the Nikon, Canon and Sony buzz buzzing too!

Bonus Reaction! Wirehead Arts has a detailed post on Micro Four Thirds and the other Serious Compacts out there. If you think the world does not revolve around DSLRs, be sure to check it out!

We start with a long post on M43 at Neil Duffin's blog.

A recent Canon-to-Oly switcher points out eight potential benefits of Micro Four Thirds.

The Online Photographer talks about standardizing on a Micro Four Thirds abbreviation. M 4/3rds? MFT? M43? MFTs? M43s> M 4/3? M4/3?

Also at the Online Photographer, towards the bottom of the comments section of this post is a link by a TOP commmentator to a flickr group discussing a Chasseur d'Image forum post on Olympus bringing back two (Digital) Pen cameras under the M4/3rds umbrella. It is interesting to note that the Chasseur d'image forums are in french, but the person who posted the "leak" has it in english. There is also some talk of being able to use Leica G or Contax G lenses. We have no way of knowing whether this is a legit rumor, bogus or wishful thinking. You can read it for yourselves by starting at the TOP comments section and following the rumor-crumbs to the final destination :)

If you want to get technical, here's an on-going thread on diffraction and friends.

And if you are really into M 4/3rds, you may want to check out this thread. And the Olympus UK Safari page. Really! Events include the London triathlon and the Bristol Balloon fiesta. Unfortunately we don't know any more than what has been posted, so we are as curious as you as to what this means...

And something for the bean counters, what do you think should be the Price Points? We say give the body for free and charge for the lenses :)

Hugh Weller-Lewis blogs about Micro 4/3rds and OM. Olympus OM, not the meditation OM :)

Photographer Chris Osborne points out the rangefinder vs dSLR similarities of this new format. Note we try to call it format, not standard, since Olympus no longer pretends it's a standard like the original Four Thirds. One third standard, three thirds proprietary :)

Hokuto who posted the excellent interview translation at dpreview has also posted this at the Four Thirds Photo forums, and there you can find more discussions and reactions to the interview. If you haven't read it, this is a must-read interview - until Olympus-Panasonic tell us more, tell us more about M4/3s.

Tao's blog has an opinion on this new format as well. He sees excitement coming!

Micro Four Thirds - the story so far

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I posted more of an overview of how the micro 4/3rds fits into the Sigma DP1 / Canon G9 / dSLR market at

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Thanks! Some great points! I added it in the post as well.