Monday, August 4, 2008

Network with the Networkers by networking!

Brian Auer at Epic Edits had a great networking idea, where people share their networking, picture sharing, bookmarking and web 2.0 pages. A mini social networking project as he calls it. So be sure to go there and share what you want to share. And if this leads to some great opportunities for you, be sure to email Brian at Epic Edits and let him know that his networking project has helped!

We posted the 1001-noisy Web 2.0 there, but we are also including them here:
Stumble Upon (eBay): Stumble Upon. With 700+ websites, blogs and pictures, if you add "1001Noisy" as friend, you will be seeing all these websites when you hit the "green stumble" button. Stumble Upon is an acquired taste, so don't feel bad if it feels a bit strange and out-of-sync at first. (Yahoo): This is a great place to organize your bookmarks online. This is less social and more organizational. We have about 400 blogs and articles linked there. Add us to your network for easier access to all the stuff we bookmark there. We also have a delicious feed here at this blog, the minimalist 10 stories only.

Digg (independent for now): This is more of a popularity contest than an organizational tool. If you have written any stories or have a blog, don't be shy, ask us to vote for it :) Digg.

Technorati (indie): One of the first web 2.0 sites, it's all about blogs and blogging. Here is this blog there.

Flickr pool (Yahoo): This was created as a "thank you" to our readers, by showcasing their chosen pictures on this blog using the Flickr widgets. Over 1000 pictures in our Flickr pool and growing.

Twitter (independent): If there's any technical issues with this blog, be sure to check our Twitter account for updates. It's like the emergency plan B. You may also get some sneak peeks of things to come there.

Reddit (Wired): If you want to earn "chic geek cred" then check Reddit. For "hardcore geek cred", there's Slashdot.

Mixx (indie): A Digg-like service for people who want more than just digg. Mixx it up!

Netvibes: If this blog is just too crowded, you can get alternate views of the content at our NetVibes pages.

Friendfeed (Independent): If you don't want to follow all the different web 2.0 services indepedently, Friendfeed summarizes them all up in a giant stream of activity.

Mybloglog (Yahoo): This is a little bit of everything. Really! Here is this blog there.

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