Tuesday, August 26, 2008

New Canon A-series numbering, A2000-IS and A1000-IS

Canon is rocking the A-series boat with a new naming scheme. Things did get pretty crowded there and Canon apparently decided to start a fresh!

There are two new Ax000-IS models, the A2000-IS and the A1000-IS. The A2000-IS follows up on the A720-IS legacy by moving to a 10mp 1/2.3" sensor, continuing with the 6x IS optical zoom, and a 3" LCD. The duo-tone color may worry some A650-IS fans that a A660-IS may not be coming. But who knows... It is available at Amazon for $250.

Meanwhile the A1000-IS is following up on the very popular A590-IS, which was announced at PMA 2008. The A590-IS is quite possibly the best bang for the buck digital camera at the moment with a price of about $150.

The A1000-IS is available at Amazon for $200 in four different colors.

Coverage on the Net
Press release from Lake EOS Success at the Imaging Insider where we learn these two will ship in September for $250 and $200 respectively. Thus, allowing the A590-IS to continue grabbing market share by the boatload at around $150.

The Republic of Ireland and Canon UK press release can be found at Photography Blog. And for those who are like marketing, you can compare and contrast the two press releases :)

Front and back camera body pictures at CameraTown where we can see that the A2000-IS trades off the optical viewfinder for its 3" LCD, but the A1000-IS retains the OVF but has a 2.5" LCD.

Detailed front and back pictures of the A2000-IS at Let's Go Digital. The page is for the A2000-IS, do not let the url typo confuse you!

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