Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The new Fuji F60fd is official, is Fuji afraid of success?

This was the least detailed of the Fuji leaks of last week, but it looks like the online retailer was right on the money with the specs they posted.

There are two F60fd cameras on paper. The camera that could have been, which replaces the could-have-been-F100fd and the could-have-been-F50fd. Those are wonderfully exciting cameras, unfortunately they don't exist in our reality.

The other one, is the one that Fuji announced today, the real F60fd. Not that it or its predecessors are bad cameras, it's just that it could have been a lot more. Press release at the Imaging Insider.

Meet the Fuji F60fd

Let's look at the key features of the F60fd:

  1. 12mp 1/1.6" SuperCCD sensor
  2. CCD-shift image stabilization
  3. 3x optical zoom lens with 35-105mm equivalent
  4. No RAW
  5. Shutter and aperture priority
  6. The dpreview summary states that it also has full manual control
  7. ISO 1600 at full resolution
  8. ISO 6400 at 3mp (at least Fuji has the "noise-cred" for such a spec)
  9. Sluggish continuous burst mode at 0.5 fps
  10. Fast burst mode at 3mp, going 5fps with a buffer of 12 (top-12 or final-12)
  11. Face detection 3.0 (10 faces, t-recognize is 0.036 seconds)
  12. intelligent dumb mode (aka Auto Scene Recognition)
  13. 3" LCD
  14. xD and SD/SDHC memory card support

The F60fd is available for pre-order at Amazon for $300, with a September 20 estimated shipment date, just like the other two new US-market Fujis.

F60fd coverage on the net

Reactions to the F60fd
Serious Compacts summarizes and opines on the F60fd specs. They also draw parallels to the Sony W300, which got a spike in interested after Luminous Landscapes posted a W300 review.

The loyal Fuji users in the dpreview Fuji forum are not as "kind" to Fuji. Boo! Hiss! exclaims one user. "Completely disgusted" exclaims another. And there's a lot more of that!

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