Monday, August 11, 2008

New Fuji F60fd, S2000hd and J150 (and J120, J110w, J100) are officially introduced (executive summary)

Fuji Canada had a leak a few days ago, revealing their new digital cameras for a few moments. Now the leak has become a lake (Thom Yorke fan club pandering?) and the new Fujis are officially announced!

The Fuji F60fd was not leaked by Fuji Canada, but was leaked by an online retailer, and it looks like the spartan specs leaked were right. Which makes you wander if synchronized leaking should become an Olympic sport :)

The official Fujfilm F60fd press release is at the Imaging Insider. No RAW, but at least there's shutter priority and (binary?) aperture priority. Also kudos to Fuji for not jumping to 15-megapixels (I guess). Fuji does not jump on the wide-angle bandwagon however, the F60fd is 3x (35-105mm) but with a 3" LCD. $300 price tag.

The new S2000hd jumps on the high-definition bandwagon, and with good reason, Fuji does not have to worry about affecting their camcorder sales, since they have none. Yes, hd, not to be confused with "fd" and "fs", which Fuji uses for the express purpose of confusing everyone :) The S2000fd S2000hd is as we thought it would be (channeling angry football coach?). Price is $300. More S2000hd details.

Meanwhile the new J150, goes wide, joining the parade of 30+ new digital cameras in 2008 that start at 28mm or wider. Price is $200. Press release at Imaging Insider.

Also announced in the UK, by Fuji UK itself, are the J120, J110w, and J100.

For more details, be sure to check the new Fuji J-series round-up.

Proposed new term
Binary Aperture Priority: On small sensor digital camera, there are often only two choices when using aperture priority :)


Digicam Freak PPS said...

The S2000fd is as we thought it would be (channeling angry football coach?)...

Haha. You are also confused. It is S2000HD and not S2000fd

1001 noisy cameras said...

Thanks for catching that!

And the irony of it all is that it came after the sentence talking about the model name postfix confusion. And it wasn't intentional!

I have been calling the "S100fs" S100fd half of the time, no matter how much I try!