Tuesday, August 12, 2008

New Fuji J150w, J120, J110w and J100 announced officially somewhere in the world

Depending on where you live, you may get anywhere from one to four of these new cameras. It's Fuji's plan of different cameras in different markets at different times. One thing to note is that these new J-series models are only using SD/SDHC memory cards, the xD support is gone!

Regular readers may recognize these new model names from the Fuji Canada leak that took place last week. They have all been added to the Digital Camera List, which lists all current and recent digital cameras. And with the waves and waves of new cameras being announced left and right, it's becoming a very useful reference.

The J-series is Fuji's entry-level line, and it is replacing their AA-based A-series entry-level line-up, which has only the A9xx-series as a recent model.

Meet the Fuji Finepix J150w

This is not your 2002 entry-level camera. It looks sleeker on the outside and better spec-sheet-wise. It uses the omni-present 10mp 1/2.33" sensor (not SuperCCD), and has a 5x optical zoom lens that starts at 28mm, giving Fuji fans a wide-angle alternative.

But the frustration kicks in when one notices via DC Resource that the battery life estimate for this camera is 145. Yikes! A 2008 model, with a proprietary battery, and you only get 145 pictures? What the Fuji is going on here? :) But we are not just picking on Fuji, we were also "outraged" at Nikon for their sub-200 ratings for some of their new Coolpix models. And Nikon charges $350 for the Coolpix S60!

The camera has a 3" LCD, the obligatory face detection, the obligatory marketing-stabilization (not optical, not mechanical).

As we noted when we discussed the leak, Fuji is starting to shift away from the dual xD/SD drives in their entry-level models and going to SD/SDHC only.

Press release from Fuji USA at the Imaging Insider. The J-series cameras have not been announced in Japan yet.

Amazon lists this for pre-orders at $200 and it estimates a September 20 shipping date.

Meet the Fuji J120, J110w, and J100
These are very similar digital cameras, and their differences are simply marketing-related. They all use the 10mp 1/2.33" sensor, and has a slim 22.6" body, which means you pay a penalty in poor battery life (see above).

The Finepix J120 proudly dons a 3" LCD, but its 5x optical zoom lens starts at 35mm (35-175mm).

The Finepix J110w proudly dons the 5x wide-angle zoom lens (28-140mm) but has a 2.7" LCD.

And the entry-level of the group, the Finepix J100 has the 2.7" LCD, and the 5x 35-175mm zoom lens.

More details on these three at Fuji UK, dpreview and Photography Blog.

Proposed new term: Marketing Stabilization
An Image Stabilization feature that is not optical (eg lens) and not mechanical (eg sensor shift), but rather is created for marketing purposes, by simply adjusting shutter speed and ISO or other similar techniques.

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