Thursday, August 7, 2008

New Nikon S710 jumps to 14.5 megapixels, outrages the anti-megapixel-mania crowd

A year after the 12mp 1/1.72" Coolpix S700 was announced, Nikon boldly and calmly jumps to 15-megapixels with the new Coolpix S710. Okay, it is 14.5 megapixels, but it's still an obnoxious jump of 2.5 megapixels in less than a year. [permalink]

Photography purists may ignore the "appliance makers" going to 15-megapixels, but when one of the most recognizable names in photography does it (even though this camera may be outsourced), it causes more outrage! And Nikon is the first of the "traditional" photography companies to jump to 14.5 megapixels.

But not everyone thinks more megapixels is bad. Some people want more, because it gives them more flexibility in cropping, more dots for printing, and higher resolution assuming there is sequential improvement in the quality of the pixels. A big assumption of course, until the sensors/cameras are released, pixel-peep'ed and analyzed.

Meet the Nikon Coolpix S710

But wide-angle fans will be thrilled that this camera has a 28m wide lens, making it a potential candidate for a point and shoot landscape magnet ;-) The lens is a 28-110mm equivalent, roughly a 3.6x zoom ratio, and it has some form of VR (image stabilization).

Just like the Panasonic FX150, Nikon is offering the full PASM set with this camera, which is another plus, as many companies are shying away from the basic principle that every camera should offer PSAM, period.

The S710 has a 3" LCD, face detection derivatives, and the EN-EL12 battery is offering 250 pictures according to DC Resource. The extra megapixels are stressing out the battery that delivers close to 300 pictures with the S610/S610c duo.

The S710 is listed at Amazon for pre-ordering with a starting price of $380. No delivery estimate is given. That's about $26 per megapixel, which is not a bad price for an out of the gate price ;-)

For the Nikon USA press release, be sure to check the Imaging Insider.

Expert Analysis
We asked our resident experts what they think about Nikon going 14.5mp and here is what they said:

  • Billo Really: "The most ridiculous item of the day!"
  • Kief Otterman: "The worse camera in the world!"
  • Jacques Kaffertieux: "I'm appalled!"
  • Annie Kolder: "The Church of Megapixel is soul-less!"
  • Sion Harrity: "That's what you get when you have the latte-drinking megapixel-elitists designing cameras and sensors while running their hybrid JPEG/RAW software!"
  • Suzanne Oarmann: "Oh dear! If you love shooting at full resolution, you better start buying more SDHC cards"

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