Tuesday, August 19, 2008

New Olympus Stylus 1060 and FE-370 in Japan (an FE-360 too!)

Olympus Japan is trying to confuse us again :) They have announced two new cameras in Japan! The Stylus 1060 and the FE-370! Computer-translated details at DigitalCamera.jp.

The Stylus 1060, which follows up on the Stylus 1020 and 1010 duo just seven months later by the way, has the usual 10mp 1/2.3" sensor, CCD anti-shake stabilization, a 37-260mm equivalent 7x optical zoom lens, 3" LCD, TruePig III (no typo?), and intelligent dumb mode :) Takes xD and micro-SD (see below) and has a miserable CIPA battery life of 170. Will be available in silver, pink, green and white at the end of the month in Japan.

The FE-370 follows up on the rag-tag fleet of FE-models that Olympus throws at the world every six months (is that really necessary?) Has a 5x optical zoom lens (36-180mm eq), 8mp 1/2.35" sensor, 2.7" LCD, and a LiIon battery (LI-60B) that gives 200 CIPA pictures.

Update! Not announced in Japan, but announced elsewhere is the FE-360, which, is a more traditional affordable LiIon compact with a 3x optical zoom lens and 8mp 1/2.5" sensor and 2.5" LCD. More on these at dpreview, Digital Camera Resource, and many other places.

All these have been added to the list of New Cameras of 2008, which is now up to 156 among the major manufacturers alone. Yes, 156 new camera models in the calendar year 2008! And Photokina is still not here!

Olympus is just lost, instead of simply doing the right thing and offering SD/SDHC, they are trying to "panorama" memory cards again by offering MicroSD compatibility through the MASD-1. Nothing wrong with microSD compatibility, but you can get that by offering SD/SDHC compatibility! Duh :)

At the risk of sounding like Keith Olbermann, Olympus, you are the WORSE CAMERA COMPANY IN THE WOOOOOOOOOORLD!


mrsfixit said...


That cracked me up...;-)))

I love Keith Olbermann... he tells it like it is.

And yeah, same old nonsense from Oly. Why don't they just phase out xD altogether because nobody wants it! Hell-ooooo Oly? Are you listening? Apparently not.

And MicroSD- ugh. I have enough trouble with regular SD, they're small enough and easy to lose thank you very much. ;-)

I hope the micro 4/3 isn't gonna be plagued with problems like this.

Jeez, other than micro 4/3, there is nothing new. Same old itsy-bitsy sensors, they just juggle around the specs- LCD screen size, zoom, and megapixels.

It's like going to one of those fake chain Mexican restaurants. Have an enchilada- it's beef and beans wrapped in a tortilla, or get a burrito- it's beans and beef wrapped.... Same damn ingredients, they just swap 'em around and call them different things.

Now *real* Mexican food is a lot more interesting and has lots of variety...

All these new "burrito cams" just leave me with a bad taste in my mouth... ROTFL ;-)))))

1001 noisy cameras said...

Great points as always Mrs Fix It!

Perhaps they need to include a pair of static-safe tweezers with all these micro and mini memory cards! They are to tiny!

This is the year of the "burrito cams" indeed! As of right now, we had 156 new digital cameras this year alone. And I'm only counting the major names, not the various rebranded models or the regional brands.