Tuesday, August 19, 2008

New Ricoh R10 continues the mid-range 28-200mm tradition

Like clockwork perhaps, six months after the Ricoh R8 announcement, Ricoh skipped a beat and went ahead to announced the brand new R10!

Meet the Ricoh R10
This has the 28-200mm equivalent 7x optical zoom lens fans of the Rx-series have come to love. The sensor as expected is a 10mp 1/2.3", while the 3" LCD offers HVGA. Sensor shift image stabilization is offered, and version III of the engine is the New Hope in Ricohland. Japanese price is 50,000 yen with a September 5 release date.

According to Ricoh Japan these will be produced at an initial monthly clip of 50,000 units, which is a decent number for a company and brand that is not as widely available or known as the big names of digital photography.

It will be available, at least in Japan, in three colors, silver, brown and of course black.

Coverage on the net
Straight from the horse's mouth, at Ricoh Global.

Meanwhile photoscale.de has a link to four official samples by Ricoh Japan.

The complete press release can be found at DC Views.

Body pictures at Photography Blog and Let's Go Digital. The (camera body) color themes may remind some a little bit of some of the old silver Olympus C-series models.

A recap at Engadget.

Reactions in the forums

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