Sunday, August 10, 2008

The new semi-useful Buy Box experiment (right sidebar)

This is a convergence, anything-goes type of a blog. It is not Reuters or the AP Newswire, it is not dpreview (I wish!), it is not fatwallet, it is not Engadget, it is not CNN, it is not PBS! It is a little bit of everything, a search engine compressed into a blog, a message board compressed into a blog. And if any PBS readers are reading this, it's a collection of environmentally-conscious synergies powered by soy lattes delivered in a reusable coffee mug, thanks to viewers like you ;-)

So we came up with a new experiment, the semi-useful Buy Box located in the right sidebar of the blog. Apart from the traditional affiliate links to retailers you all love to hate, we are also adding some semi-useful content. In this case, for each camera listed, we have a link to a list of its reviews. For DSLRs, we are using the DSLR Reference Map review organizer. This is an early alpha-test, so we are using a small number of cameras. If this proves popular or successful, we will add more cameras and also some more content, for example, a link to the wall-to-wall coverage of each camera's announcement, which typically includes links to press releases, specifications, initial reactions, etc. After we pick which cameras we think are interesting, we will create a poll and you (the readers) will decide which additional cameras should be added. There are way too many cameras released and announced, so we can't feature everything.

This is an example of the alpha-test. This is a JPG screen-shot, for a live "buy box" see the right side-bar:

Now before you say it, let me say it for you. I know you don't like to see any ads whatsoever, and may be a few of you have the financial flexibility to work long hours for free. Lucky you! Most of us don't. There is a good reason why very few blogs have information-overload coverage like this noisy blog: It takes a lot of time and effort!

If you have any suggestions on what else you want to see (or not see) in the "semi-useful Buy Box", please let us know.

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